why the hiatus on twitter?

First of all, I have exams so I have to sort out my priorities and that means avoiding fandom for a while because eventhough EXO proves to be a very good inspiration/motivation to live etc etc, it's a very good distraction from studies too! And I don't want that right now because this month's gonna be hell month (exams, requirements, survey trips to isolated islands etc). Another reason would be...because Tao left? Being M-biased from the start (Mama era), it hurts me to see some of the members leaving and all those hurtful comments against them. So I think I need time to fix my life and my emotional problems (Ha!)

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What was the best thing you ever found on the street?

Love! hahaha just kidding. Money. Lots of money

my cy bundle royce lmao uhhh nabaligya ko na tong isa for 500 haha. sa end of may pa sya galing mabayad

since we're friends....hahaha lmao how much ba gusto mo? kasi pag ako lang talaga I'll offer mga 300 or 350 siguro

isa lang dapat :) maluoy k man sakon haha

as much as i love pcy, suho's poster looks rly good in my opinion so suho nalang siguro since i'll have 40+ pages of pcy naman

oh so that's why. i don't go to 9gag anymore meh

well I visit 9gag sometimes for stress relievers (which consist mostly of gif of babies doing funny things)

ofc haha i'm about to pay for the chanyeol poster after exams hehe

yaaaaaaaaaaaay *coughs*i want suho poster too*coughs*

lol i'm just asking you bc of the hype it got lately from kfandom

yeah! I've noticed that harley quinn gets mentioned a lot lately. not just in the fandom, I've been browsing through 9gag and there were a lot of harley quinn memes too

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