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What do you think about going on hikes? What's a cool place you've gone for a hike at? 🥾🏞️

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I love hiking so, so much! I used to love running long distances, but after three batches of Covid and two doses of pneumonia in two years I really struggle. Hiking has come in and replaced it. Luckily my mum and my partner are just as happy to be dragged along, so we’ve done tonnes of the coastal path around the UK, the mountains, and it turns out that we LOVE a Greek island. If it’s deserted, I’m in.
What do you think about going on hikes Whats a cool place youve gone for a hike

What’s your opinion about keto diet? Did you try it?

It’s absolutely bullshit. The whole thing was developed as a money making stint, much like the Atkins diet. It’s been proven to contribute to liver damage, increased risk of heart disease and nutrient deficiency.
A couple of my athletes have tried it and it’s pissed me off every single time. Not one part of that diet makes sense. Not one.

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Am currently planning my new desk setup so am curious, how does yours look like? 💻🗄️

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When I was working in the city I had a FAB desk with two monitors and my laptop. It was great fun. I’d have a live match going on one and match analysis on the other and all sorts. So, so useful. But then Covid hit and that was basically the last I saw of it. Now I have my laptop and my phone balances on it at a jaunty angle 😂
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What’s happening if your group chats ever get exposed

We had a friend who cut us off completely after her husband saw our group chat. It wasn’t anything bitchy - she’d found out that he had secret credit cards and was sharing her frustration/fear. It’s not a big group, we’re all pretty tight-knit, but it was enough that we’ve never seen or heard from her again. We’ve all tried to get in touch externally but with no joy.
Other than that, we aren’t exactly a recipe for drama 😂

Tea, I just bought a Welsh Love Spoon at a thrift shop (it was made in Wales). Are you familar with these or did I just buy an unwanted tourist souvenir? 😭 It looks cool, all wooden carved and stuff 🥄

They are indeed a thing! 💕 To the best of my knowledge (because I haven’t looked it up, so this is just what I’ve heard locally) they were traditionally made as an expression of love as a young man to his beloved. The more intricate the lovespoon, the more time typically spent on it. So yours could well be loaded up with love from Wales 💕

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If someone said to you I'll give you a million pounds on one condition you can never do anything s*xual of any kind again what would you say?

On your bike 😂 Or you can borrow mine, because I don’t need to ride it.


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