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Do you drive?

Have been for about five years!

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Did you pass your theory test?

Back when I was 17, I think. I did it pretty much as soon as possible ☺️

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Friends, have any of you ever used airbnb, or know someone who has? If so, how was the experience? If not, would you ever consider using it?


I have!!

I've only ever used them to rent an entire apartment/house and haven't rented a room or whatever (yet!) but it's all gone very smoothly otherwise. Most of the time you get a combination to the key safe on the outside of the property and are left to your own devices. I know a couple of people who are hosts and rent out their rooms, and they've never had any issues. Most of the time it's just knackered travellers, haha! I'd say give it a shot, but I tend to take someone much bigger than me with me? It makes life easier. If you need to borrow a tall person, I can send you a couple of options?!

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If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?


As somebody who preaches self-love every time she opens her freaking mouth ("pls stop, tash" "nO") this feels hypocritical.

I broke my nose when I was a kid. Or, I say "I" broke my nose - my brother swang the washing-line-whirley-gig thing straight into it. And laughed. But god, it hurt so much and there was blood everywhere and I could only have been about seven?! It was rough, fam. I'm still not over it.
Anyway, it left it hooked. And for the most part, I try and be cool with it. But we all have our tired, insecure moments, right? I've looked up rhinoplasty so many times but I can't bring myself to go through with it. I mean, I would definitely be disowned for one thing, and the recovery time looks like a sod for the other ♀️

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The harder one wasn't even me but ayYYYEEEE MAD PROPS TO WHOEVER SENT IT


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Harder Daddy


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u haves washboard abs, can I lick them mmmmm baby

Habiba, if this is you I swear to gOD-

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I know it's not Thursday but.. post a throwback picture! It doesn't have to be of you if you don't do that on here 🙂👍🏻


I'm not throwing it back that far, and I'm sorry. I just think that there are too many photos my chubby cheeked five year old self on here, anyway 😂

So here's a mountain biking photo, because it's hailing and I miss the sun! So much. Oh god, I just want to be warm.

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What’s something your parents used to say to you as a child that you promised yourself you’d never say—but now you catch yourself saying all the time?


I grew up being called "poppet" and "treasure" and "peanut" and "angel" and "little bird" by my Mum, and she'd got it from my Grandmama who still calls me every single one of those. I'm basically 21, guys. C'mon.

I swore that that was it. The last generation of "No, Mum, no!"
But I catch myself saying all of them. The whole time. I kind of think that it's thanks to having worked with so many brilliant kids who all deserve to be treated with love. I blame it on that, anyway. And if you're older than me and I still call you by super daft terms of endearment, you have made your way so far into my heart. You're endgame, Poppet.

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You're so pretty

You're a ray of sunshine 💕

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Ever went to buy something and the owner of the place gave you a free drink/cake/sweets?

Yesssss and it always absolutely gobsmacks me. Like, this is your business and I want to support you, why are you giving me things? I'm not a fan of cake, but I've had free cocktails and all sorts over the years. Especially when I'm away - whilst I was in Turkey, a couple of guys who owned a restaurant made up a song about my name and sang it all night and my drinks were free. It was really surreal?!

But I kind of get it? If someone comes into my place that I get a good vibe off, then they get a free water bottle that I've got kicking around or something. It's a thank you for being a nice person sort of deal.

And it leaves a great impression of your business. People come back because they remember the experience fondly.

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Why you aren't replying on Instagram?

Yash Wadhawan

I don't have my phone on me when I'm in meetings or training. And I have the worst memory ever, so apologies, haha ☺️

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What question do you hate to answer?


"So, Tash, what are you doing with your life?"
"Petting a lot of dogs. Other than that, no clue. I'll keep you posted."

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What does being cheated on feel like?

Oh, ow.

Okay, so there are stages. And I can say with far more authority than I would like that it's kind of different for each relationship, but that the basic bones of it are the same.

The finding out stage is like every stereotype about infidelity that you have ever seen. You go through the entire grief cycle in the space of about five minutes. You hit denial, anger, bargaining and depression so fast that you don't have time to process any of it. You don't reach acceptance until later that night, when you're curled into yourself and trying to pretend that you don't feel cold without them in bed beside you.

The first time that I found out that I was being cheated on, I was miles away from home. I'd just climbed off a plane, actually. It was 2am and the first time that I'd had phone signal all week. I was on such a high, y'know? My team had just played our asses off and the results showed. It was one of my major successes as Captain, actually. And then there was this short, minute long phone message. From his roommate, mind, not him. And everything just kind of disintegrated. I didn't get to fall apart on that one - I had my driver waiting and my team to say goodbye to. But as soon as I had some privacy, I fucking collapsed.

Sleeping with somebody is pretty much the most intimate thing you will do with another person. So to come home to find that level of "Oh, BTdubs, thought you should know..."

Same thing happened when I was cheated on at Christmas. One moment you're proud of yourself for thinking up some dumb joke; The next, you're trying so hard to stop crying because you're a business owner and there is no one to cover for you so for God's sake, please get off the floor. Please. Please hang in there.

So - devastation, step one.

It can go a couple of different ways from there. You fluctuate madly between "Well, I'm glad that's over" to "Please don't do this to us."
It usually depends on the amount of begging, actually. Because I shit you not - every single time that I have been cheated on, the apologies start. The "Please take me back/I din't mean it/I never meant to hurt you/You are my world" kind of speel starts. Many have deserved Oscars. There are usually tears; Very rarely are they mine. Because at this point, you've cried yourself out. You're done, but you aren't angry. Hurt, sure, but it's more of a dull ache? The damage to your self-esteem is the only lasting damage, unless you throw a shoe or something and the shoe breaks.

Paper-cut aching, step two.

From there - I don't know. It depends if you take them back. It depends if you're the one to end it because you deserve better. The first guy to cheat on me was incredibly physically abusive and I was still so, so young. I still feel very young, most days, and this was about four years ago. I was tiny and naive.

Now I'm bigger, and it still fills like one of the shittiest things in the world.

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Would you forgive, if your beloved one cheated on you?

Oh god, no. I'd ditch them, date them again, ditch them, date them again-

I mean, hypothetically, of course. Ha. Hahahahaha.


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Your most liked answers of all time are beautiful!

People like you do tremendous things for my faith in humanity. Thank you, lovely 💕

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What's your second biggest fear?


Being on my own. I need my family and my team - I wouldn't recognise the world without them.

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You said that your arms go up in vascularity when you workout. Does that happen to everyone Tash?

So I don't know the science behind this, lovely, so apologies in advance! I have veins that stand out in my arms anyway. This was an "I'm ready to go hooooome" selfie so no tensing, no workout - if anything, it was just kinda hot. And that's enough for the veins that are usually just ridges under the surface of my skin to be like "Oh hEY THERE" and be so cute.

I'm sure that everyone's vascular tendencies go up when they work out (seems like a safe bet, anyway 😉😂) but I'd assume that it all depends on different builds and figures. I really wouldn't worry about it (if you are!) I mean, they never completely disappear but they become less obvious when you aren't lifting.

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If you had to choose one music artist, actor, or author to become your mentor, who would it be?

Oscar Wilde!

(I'm just predictable at this point and I'm sorry.)

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What does vascularity mean Tash?

Veins, lovely. Sticky-outy veins. The guys show it off, and the girls and I are always a little conflicted, haha!

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How would you describe your style?


"In my defence, it looked clean when I put it on."

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You are so pretty! And I love your accent (:

Dragon ☆

You always make my heart so happy. Thank you, angel ❤️

(But pls feel free to have my accent if you think you can do something useful with it.)
(It's so annOYING I swear to god)

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Would you rather choose a high paid office job or a low paid adventurous job?

I have a low paid adventurous job, and it's honestly the only way I can see my life going. I am not built for offices, please don't do that to me.

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You're so perfect

Dude I just tried to fight a 6"5 giant and lost. I am so short on brain cells, for reals.

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You're beautiful!


Excuse you, you Nordic gODDESS. Let's just take a minute to appreciate your levels of stunning.

(And thank you, you poppet 💕)

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About tea.:

"Compassion is the radicalism of our time."
- The Dalai Lama
I'm Tasha, and I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.
@asdfghjklperfect, plants and pups make me really happy

South Whales