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Hello 🦦 Would you be happy with a life without romance?

SamanthaMarioli’s Profile PhotoMetanoia
Don't fancy that at alllll.
Not necessarily your bog standard "Girl meets boy, girls gets fed up of him after 3-6 months, girl drinks gin" romance. That's great when it's great, big fan. Love a bit of love, me. I grew up on Taylor Swift, it's hardwired into me at this stage.
But! I could live without it if I could keep finding the romance in everything else. The romance in the mundane, in those ordinary extraordinary human kindnesses, in nature just being it's incredible self. If the rest of life was still seeped in romance, I could essily handle not having somebody to hog the blankets. And snore.
But if the rest of that wasn't there? I'd have a very, very lonely heart.

Some ppl's photos are so 2013 style edited. It gives the impression of something so poor, so vintage, but not the beautiful, 60s dresses vintage. It's a very unfortunate "vintage". Like, isn't google free? go google how to make your pics look good and actual. And no, SC is outdated.

It's okay, you can just say that you hate fun.
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How are you

I am trying to grow an awful lot of flowers, both physically and metaphorically. One is going far better than the other, but I know that I'm trying and that's enough for May.

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Have you ever been to a music festival

A bunch, I used to do a bit of seasonal work at them with my best friend when we wanted a break away together! We looked at each other the other day and realised we had well and truly grown out of them, it was kind of bittersweet 😭😂
Have you ever been to a music festival

Good s*x, fast cars I’d crash anything. That’s just a smoke screen, none of those things make me happy

Get a job, oh my god.

Is there any person who you're scared of

One of them has these startling blue eyes - pale blue, kind of icy, and I remember thinking "God, they look cold," when I first woke up next to him.
I can't really remember the face of the second. I think it's in a box, somewhere in the back of my head. I might unpack it someday - but I think it'll probably collect dust, and hopefully it can stay there until the day I die.
The third looks a hell of a lot like me. Me in a long, long time and a couple of lives. She's got my eyes (or I've got hers) - you could mix up our toddler pictures and no one would be any the wiser. Where she's sharp, I've tried to be soft. Where she's lost, I've tried desperately to map it out.
And me. I'm scared of parts of me. But I'm coming to terms with her, we're growing to work around each other.

Do you think tattoos have to have a deep meaning or do you think they could be just because you find them aesthetically pleasing? I've noticed that a lot of tattoo lovers will give you hate if your tattoo doesn't have a meaning. These are the snobby gatekeepers of the tattoo lovers community.

My two tattoos have both got meaning, but there's a hell of a lot of stigma against tattoos in my family (so I had to have a good reason! 😂)
No, I don't believe that you need a reason before putting artwork on your body. I, ideally, would like one. But honestly, I've had reasons that were pure and deep in my heart and still ended up with two fairly mainstream tattoos. Get whatever you want, lovely. It's nobody's body but yours 💛

Is there a meaning to life? If so, what is it? Elaborate, please.

erosdea’s Profile Photoerosdea
My friend had a baby yesterday. It wasn't very much of a surprise, in fairness, she'd been pregnant for FOREVER.
But it gets you thinking, right? What does the world have in store for her? She's insanely tiny, looks just like her big sister.
I think it's pretty simple. I think it's exactly the same for anyone, whether they were born yesterday or years ago.
I think we are born with so many possibilities at our fingertips. We'll make good choices, we'll make bad ones. Good things will happen - and some tough shit, too. We'll fall and get up and laugh about it some day.
I think the meaning of life - and this sounds really stupid, but bear with me - is love. All different kinds of love. It's what gets you up in the morning, what brings joy and sunshine to your days. And that little baby has got so many different possibilities ahead of her for where she'll find that love. And I know that you need money and health and a whole hierarchy of things to live life - but I do tend to feel that it's love and connections that make it worthwhile.

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Do you think it’s arrogant of people to always ask “what can I help you with”? What makes them automatically assume that its within their power to help? What if someone needs 1million? Could they help? If no, why’d they even ask?

"What can I help you with?" He asked it when I was going through a lot. I felt like I was barely breaking the surface, that my mouth was full of saltwater and questions.
"Could you just stay? A minute?" I asked (when the wave had passed, when I could breath again.)
He slid down the wall to sit next to me, held my hand. "Did you know that bees fly at 20 miles an hour?" he started, and he kept talking whilst I closed my eyes. The low timbre of his voice, the warmth of his hand - I finally felt safe.
"Can I help with anything?" She asked. I was in my element - always am at the international events. I am always taller, bolder, brighter, in ten different places at once.
"Oh my god, yes, walk with me!" I said, already away down the corridor. She ran to catch up, "what are we doing?"
"Okay so, we need to arrange for Court 7 to be removed and then for the umpires chairs to be shifted - the livestreaming needs to be checked in with, can you do that?"
And two months ago, I told you all that times were a bit shit. That my little brother was really, really ill. And a few very special people said "what can I do?"
And the answer was that I needed a miracle. I needed his body to respond to medicines that it simply wasn't. I needed something far, far bigger than anyone could give me.
But all the people who reached out and cared? And asked? They gave me comfort. They gave me funny videos to send my brother. They gave me a shoulder to vent to, a friend to run with, someone to cover my work. All of those people, just by asking, gave me exactly what I needed.
You should count your blessings that people reach out to you. You should say thank you, from the bottom of your soul, every single time.

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I have this inner conflict right now at midnight. Part of me wishes this particular genre would come back into mainstream, buut at the same time I want to gatekeep it. I feel as if it should be reserved for a few, select people. I don't consider everyone worthy of having access to it. This is hard.

Of those are your midnight dilemmas then I think you're probably safe to go to sleep.

I’m on Netflix and there’s this category called British movies and I’m watching one. But why is this a british movie if its filmed in Ireland? And the only brit ik is Jason Statham that isn’t even british anymore

Ah well, Northern Ireland is part of the British Isles, so depends where it's based 😂

re: feeling unsafe/being abused by men. I sometimes wonder why men hate women so much, not even being dramatic, and it makes me so incredibly sad and angry. and those creeps who only care about “equality” when it comes to women paying on dates or being able to hit us (that’s equal right? haha) are 💩

I honestly don't think that the movement for women's equality was given enough time to sink in. Women got the vote and everyone sort of dusted their hands and went "that's that, then" but a lot of the underlying, fundamental beliefs haven't been questioned. Chauvinism is still widely acceptable - it's in the jokes in movies, in the way women are talked about in music and the media - and it isn't being hounded out of people. There is still an ugly, huge problem at the base of it.

Tea, I love that despite some of your bad experiences with men you’re still open to relationships/love. I have become so closed. My heart and soul can’t take it. I think I might be better alone and I think I can be ok with that. It’s not ideal I’m a romantic at heart but I just feel so bruised

Ah my lovely, I know exactly where you're coming from.
I don't know if you've been through a similar train of events, but here's what I was told! In the wake of being in a violent relationship and then being assaulted, I did exactly what you're doing. I was only interested in unavailable people, because it's a safe bet.
Anyway, it took a very wise woman to point out to me what I was doing, and that it was so I wasn't at risk of the same thing happening again. What I was desperate for was some kind of justice, some kind of accountability for the men who had told me that they loved me and then pushed me down stairs. I wanted the man I worked with to actually go to jail for trapping me in a corridor and fucking me.
The British justice system couldn't give me that closure. I needed to do it for myself. If you're feeling bruised, I get that. I get that on so many different levels. But don't let these assholes steal your happiness 💛💛💛

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Do you ever think that the reason you can't keep a bf is you intimidate them?

You know, if I had a penny for the AMOUNT OF TIMES I have been told that I am I timidating.
I mean, I'm intimidated by men because I have had enough of being assaulted and, you know, brutally battered by them.
They're intimidated by me because I chase a feather attached to a wee cork around a court, and because I crack jokes.
It's such a fair trade off, right?! They've got to be so careful in case they're walking home at night in the dark and then, boom! I jump out at them and tell them a joke.
That's SO much worse than hairline fractures, clearly. Not even a good joke, my god.


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