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Yesterday's calamity shows you how unpredictable life really is,one minute up the next down.Death doesn't discriminate between rich and poor,healthy and weak,good and evil ;it is sadistic,doesn't give you extra time to rectify your character,doesn't give you time to recuperate.Think about it even if we evade all the disasters and no tragedy takes us out how long could we live?We'll be a heap of bones in no time.

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How to feel calm when there's chaos around you?

Rehab Imtiaz Chaudhry
It's gonna sound absurd but hear me out.Tell yourself remind yourself everyday that things aren't going to get any easier from here,life's going to whoop your arse day in day out and that no matter how hard life hits you and how far it throws you off you will bounce back and pounce on the obstacles all guns blazing.Don't let everything scare you ;be sensitive,be a little fragile but don't be like a feather ;don't let the slightest of winds control you,devour you.You will see the horizon,you will feel that gentle breeze all in good time but please don't expect to get there unscathed.

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