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Everything good?🙂

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For those of you wondering why i don't post as much here on ask as i used to, i left to pursue bigger and better things and will not be posting more than maybe once every 2 months. Follow me on Twitter if you any of you miss me.
Everything good

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If you are male, are you comfortable with or do you know much about periods? Like if you had a gf/female friend would you be comfortable buying pads/tampons for them or helping to clean up an accident?

Of course i would buy my partner pads and stuff cuz that's what you do in a relationship. I was born because of menstruation, you were born because of menstruation(not exactly menstruation but you know what i mean). The crux of the matter is everybody knows women are supposed to menstruate owing to which it shouldn't be embarrassing.


If mango was the only fruit present on earth i wouldn't have a problem with it. Mango is superior to all of the other fruits combined and to think that it's kinda going extinct!

How much EIDI did you get?🙇🏼‍♀️

Men older than 23 years of age don't get any Eidi whereas ladies my age be getting north of 10k every Eid. Guess being a woman does pay.
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If you could ask the opposite gender one question and they had to be completely honest, what would you ask them?

If make up didn't exist what would your lives be like? I'm a feminist myself but not a fan of facades. You see me, a man, in all my glory without the use of enhancers; i deserve the same. Men deserve to see women without any make up on especially in the setting of an arranged marriage(when you visit the potential bride's house for the very first time to see what she looks like). When you start something beautiful with a lie sooner or later it all falls apart.

After rishta rejection can we be friends?just want to know your opinion. (if he is your relative too)

Yeah, you can. Marriage is a big deal and everybody has the right to choose; people shouldn't make a mountain out of a molehill. This is how one gets married; you meet and converse with your suitors and decide against marrying them until you find the right one. I mean this is how things work in desi households. How else could you get it done? I believe people are evolving and don't let the process faze them now. I've been rejected and it didn't make me mad; shouldn't affect you either. Long story short, any sane person wouldn't let such a petty thing mar their relationships.

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