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could you please write down 10 things you love about BTS?

Again, I don't know which translator this is meant for, but I'll answer it since I saw it. (If you'd like to hear from the others, please ask again and specify! Questions like this are also really fun to answer. ^^)
1. I love how much they all seem to genuinely care for each other. They're really like brothers, and they're all so supportive, it warms my heart.
2. They always remember their fans. We have a phrase in Korean called "fan babo", which literally means that they're idiots when it comes to how much they love their fans. Basically, they're always thinking of us, and about what they can do for us. They tweet regularly, post on fancafe, and Namjoon remembers international fans during his award speeches. It's so precious. <3
3. They're not afraid to show who they are. They're careful, but they're not always worried about their image.
4. Their passion for music.
5. How they're always looking to better themselves as artists, performers, and people.
6. How they acknowledge if and when they make a mistake, and how they actually learn from them.
7. Their humility. Every time they get shocked for winning an award, my heart breaks, but I also appreciate how humble they are.
8. How ridiculous they are. I love their inside jokes, Seokjin's dad jokes, their shenanigans, how much they troll each other, everything.
9. Not only their passion for music, but also the music itself.
10. And last but not least, I love how easy it is to love them. :)
Thank you so much for such a fun question, and for your support~

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could you please tell me your most favorite song of BTS and why?

Hello! I don't know which translator this was meant for but since I saw it, I'll answer first. ^^ (If you'd like answers from the other translators or just a different one in general, please feel free to ask again while specifying their name!)
My favorite song as of right now is "2! 3!" because of how meaningful it is for both Bangtan and ARMYs. It also made me cry every time I listened to it for the first two months. Other than that, I would say "I Need U", "Born Singer", and "Cypher pt. 2". But to be honest, it's really hard to choose just one!
Thank you for the fun (but very difficult) question~

View more - would you mind translating this please~ thank you

Hi there! I'm so sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, this was a notice regarding streaming, and the time for it has already passed. Again, I apologize for the delay in getting to your request. With the holidays, it's been a bit crazy for all of us. We hope you enjoyed your holidays, and please continue to support us and send requests. Thank you!

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Hi guys! First of all thank you so much for all your hard work <3 I do really enjoy reading the translation :) I was wondering if you can translate this Tysm again!

Hello! You're welcome ^^ We're really glad you enjoy reading our posts ^^ Here is your requested translated ->
- Mary

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hi, im the previous anon. i will give you emm suggestion for css layout asap or if you had anything in mind. but overall, translating is never an easy job, so still thank you so much fr your hardwork

We appreciate any suggestions! However, like all suggestions, we need to discuss with our group and take things into consideration before we make any decisions so we can't make any promises. But please don't let that discourage you! Feel free to send some anytime. Thank you!
- Mary

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hai. i really love your hardwork on this. i just want to suggest abt the blogs layout. i think it will easier to navigate if the image for each article preview is a bit tinier. i like p*chsd* layout tbh. its simple, and reader can see the navigation clearly. i hope you can make an improve abt ths ❤

We'll take your suggestion into consideration and thank you for supporting our blog!
- Mary

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Can you please help us translate this Talker's Choice?

Due to the sensitive nature of the topic in this pann post, our team has decided to not translate it. While we would love to, we're hoping to avoid any unnecessary conflicts that may arise from people possibly misconstruing our translations. We hope you understand. But thank you so much for your suggestion and overall interest, and please continue to send us requests! Thank you~
- Teekay

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