Ask @overdork:

What's the movie that made you cry?

About 2-4 movies have made me cry, I don't remember what most of them were, but I remember I probably shed a tear during What Dreams May Come at the part where Robin William's character has just saved his wife from hell, then because of having been in hell he succumbs to hell himself, then his wife in turn saves him.

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What things you want to do, but you can't?

Kiss every cute girl all over their face and maybe other places.
Write a groundbreaking philosophy text
Start and run a NPO that incubates new employee-owned businesses everywhere in the US
Make a billion dollars and donate most of it to things like environmentalism, the democratic party and campaign reform
Own and run a company that makes a digital audio workstation exactly how I want it
Be a famous actor
Be friends with Miranda Cosgrove
Date a few celebrities I like

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What?☹?? causes diseases?

Lots of things, poor diet (like too much sugar, too much salt, not enough vegetables, too many artificial ingredients, too much meat over-eating), stress, negative thoughts, lack of exercise, vaccines, bacteria, viruses, lack of continuous minor exposure to bacteria and viruses, pollution, other unnatural chemicals in our environment, genetic disorders, things your mother ate/drank/smoked/injected/etc. while pregnant or nursing, etc. etc.

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