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If someone will massage you what kind of massage do you like?? I prefer giving a japanese massage. 😉

I don't like massages. They just feel poke-y and bony. Even if were a soft massage and only against my muscles I still don't think I would like it. Maybe because I feel awkward about human touch. But then, the message chairs at the store don't really do anything for me either.

What does friendship mean to you? What should your friend be like? Do you have a lot of friends? What could be your reasons for discontinuing friendship with a person?

Friendship to me is when there's someone I like talking (typing) to and they like talking to me too, on a one-on-one basis, and we've been talking for a while.
There's no universal criterion for what my friend should be like, all my friends have been very different from each other, but still, there are very few people I'd actually want to be friends with. Most or all of them have had a wavelength in common with me in some way.
I have about 3-4 friends, possibly more depending on whom you count.
To the fourth question, idk, I've never discontinued friendship with someone

What can instantly put you in a bad mood?

I don't really get into bad moods (as in irascible and such), even when I feel like sh&t.

Which is stronger – love or hate?

The power of hate is more overt, the power of love is more subtle. And some people feel hate more strongly, some people feel love more strongly, but I think more people feel hate more strongly more often. But love, on the other hand, is a cosmic force..

TV show you love to rewatch?

I hate rewatching movies and TV shows, but I often watch reruns of Family Guy or South Park that I've already seen 10 times when they're on and there's nothing else on and nothing else to do. It helps that I don't remember crap.

What have you been thinking about lately? ☘️

I've been thinking about how seductive nihilism, which I've always despised, seems to me lately. The idea that we're all just chemical sacks, and what happens happens and means very little, and nothing is "meant to be" would be a huge lift of burden off my heart.
But I know better: our souls are weaving stories, and what we do now sets the platform for what happens in all of eternity.
Should I change my beliefs just because it's convenient? I mean, it would be fair.. a lot of people are nihilists already, and you can't be blamed for having any particular outlook or stance on life when we're not given any definitive guide or answers in this life.
But I'm remined of the movie A Monster Calls. The parson wouldn't give the yew tree to the apothecary for healing people and spoke out against him because he was staunchly scientistic. Then his kids got sick and he went to the apothecary for help. The apothecary said no. The sentient yew tree then destroyed the apothecary's house, for not being committed to his beliefs and throwing them out when times got tough.

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