Ask @overdork:

Do you ever feel close to anyone on here, even though you don't know them in a real life?

I don't feel connected to anyone on At all. Like electronically we're not connected. Nobody here seems to know I exist or to comment on my answers and I don't see others' answers. I can only think of one person I follow and I rarely click on her answers because she hasn't been here in like a year. doesn't seem to really connect people like the other q&a sites I've been on do.

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What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?

I've never really seen a scary movie, but Pi and Rocky Horror Picture Show both come to mind because they had some pretty disturbing moments. I've seen a couple of horror movies but I don't remember them scaring me. But I did find out about an awesome song (Lamb - Gorecki) by watching I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

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What would you like to do with money?

- Create an NPO (
- Start a software company that makes a DAW that's more intuitive and easier to use for beginners but is as powerful as or more powerful than any other
- Donate to political causes to lessen corruption in congress and the presidency, such campaign finance reform, ending
super PACs, voter suppression, gerrymandering, paid lobbying, etc.
- Get a cute g/f

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Do you prefer to answer questions or ask them?

I care more about other people seeing my answers than I do about me seeing other people's answers, so answering.. though i do like to ask questions on social Q&A sites to get more followers, but I'm not very good at thinking them up. Except now and then there's a question I'm genuinely curious to see how people answer, so I ask it.

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What does Freedom mean to you?

To express emotions and act a whim creatively without fear. To really let all this out and spiritually breathe. To let people know exactly what's in my soul from one second to another. To be disabused of both my irrational fears and the necessity of the ones that perfectly rooted in the inherent oppression of others and society. To satisfy my desires for action. To show my true colors.

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