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do u love walking on a park in the autumn?

I live in Florida, we don't have seasons.
Walking in the park is okay, for a minute..

do u have a husky

No, the last dog we had was a golden retriever. My favorite dog is a golden retriever + husky crossbreed, though.

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What genre of video games do you play? I play action, adventure, racing, & rpgs.

Super Mario games, racing games, and a couple of fighting games--Clayfighter and Super Smash Bros. Oh and also Zelda sometimes.

how do you like to spend your time? where do you go, what do you do?

sleep, chat with friends online, go out to stores and places with my mom, answer questions on retrospring and kwiz

Are you afraid of the dark?

verena_v’s Profile PhotoVerena V
I'm afraid of total darkness - at least the last time I checked. As long as there's a little bit of light, or even one thing I can see such as an LED alarm clock, I'm fine. I'm not afraid because of things that might be lurking in the dark, I'm afraid when I can't tell whether i'm actually blind or not.
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Under what circumstances did you eat the most unusual food? did you like it?)

I've never eaten anything -that- unusual, that I remember. The most unusual stuff I've had is things like passion fruit, dragon fruit, star apples, oysters, clams, alligator meat slim jims, etc. Generally the unusual things have been 'okay', as in I didn't mind them, but at the same time I can probably see why they're *not* mainstream.

What browser do you use?

Chrome, unless I'm watching Conan on teamcoco.com, because for some reason it doesn't work on Chrome anymore so I use Firefox for that.

If you were a fruit, what kind would you be?

I'd be the best, most elite fruit there is.. I have no idea what fruit that is. Strawberry?Dragon fruit?
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How often do you draw?

I used to draw things in class all the time, I'd just draw things I saw in the classroom from the angle I saw them at. I think I was pretty good. After that I didn't draw much, I think the last thing I drew was my niece like 10 years ago. Well, I drew a few things in MSPaint that I think are probably more recent.
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Do you wear any t-shirts with funny sayings on them?

I used to have a few.. "I Make Stuff Up", "Last Clean Shirt", "By the time you read this you've already read it" (I think I had that?), and maybe others.. all I have now is one that says
Anyone who's not from last century probably won't recognize that.. it's kind of an old shirt. :)

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