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Have you ever considered plastic surgery?

Confessedloser’s Profile PhotoTJ
Yeah, I’ve always said that if I’m happy with the amount of weight I’ve lost, that I’ll get surgery on my chin - I feel that it’s super long from a side view 🌸

Do you ever get mad or upset over stupid things?

… literally all the time. The slightest thing can make me upset 😂🌸

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If you upset someone but couldn’t understand the reason, would you still apologise?

So because I’m a highly apologetic person, yes. Hell, I even apologise when I haven’t done anything wrong.

But it’s something I want to work on. I don’t think I should apologise until I have a full understanding, at the very least 🌸

If someone told you something hurt their feelings but you didn’t see the problem would you keep doing it?

Fuck no. Not if I knew it was hurting them 🌸

Is there a hobby or interest that you've always wanted to get into but haven't? Or one that you used to do but don't now?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
Ones that I’ve always wanted to try:
🌸 Decoden
🌸 Card making
🌸 Crotchet
🌸 Knitting
🌸 Baking
🌸 Clay charm making
I miss sewing 🌸

👧🏼 What would your child self think of your adult self if they were to meet?

I have a lot of hate for myself and when I was younger I was mentally unwell, so I sometimes find it hard to answer questions like this.
Ideally, I’d like to think that she would be proud of me, that she would be surprised by how much I’ve overcome and what I’ve managed to achieve 🌸

Lost my dad 2 months ago to cancer... I'm mentally sick and have been drinking & smoking heavily since. I just don't feel right anymore & don't think I will ever again. Can anyone relate? Does it get better? I'm just so tired.

Hey, I don’t know if this means anything to you because ik I’m just a stranger on the internet. But I promise it won’t be like this for the rest of your life. I’m sorry for your loss, I’m not on this often but I’m always here if you want to talk. Stay strong friend, I believe in you ❤️🌸

Are you desperate for love?

Yes. It’s a flaw of mine. I crave affection, and try hard to please others. I just want someone to love and care about me - but not because they have to or feel bad for me - because they want to, genuinely 🌸


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