Ask @padmalavanya:

People expect you to be honest with them. But when you tell them every truth, share every reality, give full focus and loyalty; they leave you. Even your own siblings are nowadays very mean. So does it mean that one has to be mean, to survive in this mean world? What is your say on this?

Afridy Mohammad Abir 彡
I'm usually nice to people who deserve it and indifferent to rest. It does no harm unless anyone fancies being taken advantage of.

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What is something that people think you would never do but you have?

Choudary Zernab Hussain
I just filled my 1L water bottle and it suddenly slipped from my hand, my immediate reflex was to save the bottle. So I slid my feet where it'd fall in a lightning speed with a swag. The only reason my feet wasn't crushed is my miscalculation. People never thought I'd reach new heights in being dumb.

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