Ask @paigegomez:

If you had sex with a boy and it was bad you got no pleasure would you tell the boy that?

Yeah. I wouldn't be rude like "Hey, you suck in bed" but I'd say "Hey, we should try this!" or tell him what I like and don't like. It's all about honesty in the bedroom (or wherever else you like to get the job done!)

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Name five guilty pleasures you have.

1) Chocolate - I literally eat something with chocolate in it like every other day... Chocolate is everything.
2) Wine - I love to drink wine just because it tastes good to me.
3) Shoe - I've been told I buy too many shoes.
That's all I could think of!

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I just walked in on my brother and his girlfiend ( my best friend) having sex. I knew that was dating. I just dating want to see them having sex. I went to see if he wanted something for BWW. He's mad because I forgot to knock and ruin the moment for them. How can I convince him I'm sorry.

First piece of advice, proofread what you type before sending it. I was so confused at multiple points while reading what you sent to me. Well, I guess the only thing that is going to make him feel better about the entire situation is time. That is a really awkward situation to be in and if I were in his shoes, I would be just as upset and embarrassed. Just apologize, give him time, and don't ever bring it up! Not to your best friend either. Just leave it alone as if you saw nothing. Hope that helped and sorry you had to witness that haha!

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