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What would u do: If u are burnt out, deadlines approaching (v.important deadlines), no friends to hang out with, and everything else sucks.!!??? (Apologies)

Jokes apart, and to be very, very honest, I would get frustrated to the extreme, and would be on the verge of giving up. Frustrate hou ker i also tend to stop making whatever little progress i was making, and just waste my time. But then comes a moment of realization ke, "Jo karna hai tumne hi karna hai, koi bahar wala tou aa ker na tumhari madad karega, na tumhare liye yeh sab kaam karega. It's only you yourself who will have to suffer tomorrow if you don't hurry today." Bus then in a sudden adrenaline rush, i get back on track, and try to get maximum work done in that time.
I try to cut back on my addictions, mobile being the only one, in order to stay on track.

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