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If I wasn't more awkward than you then would I really be asking anonymous questions about that one time we talked years ago because I feel more at ease talking to someone like this than having to feel my age being me? Didn't think so :P

Okay, it's fine if you don't want to ^^

Pfffft, nah. I feel weird being me.... Hey, have you noticed that bathrooms have really inefficient hand dryers?

Haha pfft, you can't be more awkward than I am ya kno~ Don't leave me wondering and uhh I guess?? LOLOL

What are the things you want to avoid in a relationship?

Awkward moments because I will always embarass myself @-@

Well, we only talked through fb, like once, for a bit. I remember your birthday's on Christmas though so I say merry birthmas and stuffs but that's about all I do. Plus, I'm weird so....sofa kit.

I remember someone said that to me before but I don't totally remember who LOL
If you don't want to tell me here, tell me on fb ^^


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