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I guess this is where we say goodbye. Not the 'we might stumble upon each other in the future' or 'if its mean to be then it will be' kind of goodbye but real one. The goodbye that says I'm sorry it couldn't work but it's time to move on, I'm sorry that we couldn't give each other the happiness we deserved and I'm sorry that we broke each other to the point of no return. The goodbye that says there is no turning back now, and there will be no 11:11 wishes and no small buds of hope that linger at the back of our minds on lonely nights. The goodbye that tells us we were never meant to be, that this world has no place for us, or maybe it did but we ruined it. We broke something that could have been so beautiful and there's no way we can change things now because it's too late. There's no way we can turn the car back around to where we only had love for each other and there were no questions or insecurities and doubts, where there was nothing but love, and me, and you. At this point I have nothing other than goodbye to say to you because my heart is tired of playing games and I'm sure yours is too. This goodbye doesn't open up any possibilities or reasons for us to be together, instead it closes old chapters and doors and every seed of hope that we had. And this is the point at which we say goodbye because there is nothing left to say anymore. But I still don't regret you. You were one of the best things that had ever happened to me, and because of that I can never regret you. You just lost the love I loved the most. 🐚

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