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post a para please?

Wasting your life on someone who doesn't even care,
Do we need to realize,
Is it so important that you've to bear?
Life gives you someone who always drifts apart,
No use of cussing,
You can stay alone with a strong heart.
You're giving it so much of yourself,
But it doesn't matter anymore,
Do we need to start taking care of ourselves?
Don't need to cry and pound for something which is a lie,
You always put them ahead of you,
Weren't they the ones who left you over there to die?

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i heard you spit as in you freestyle and thing?Can you do a dirt spit for me pleasee? #fangirl♋❤

Well its been a while,let's see can I.
So here it goes, When your girl used to roam with whores.She drank all my liquor I couldn't think about something else so I'd to just dick her. When you realized about the lies you knew about your guy's disguise, I'll just spit this shit cause I'm wise you look shocked as if you just got a surprise when potato just gives you French fries. You just had to go knowing about your mom that she's just a filthy hoe.
Starting to think about something which should be thought like it,playing all this trick made you just sit on my dick.
P-A-N-D-O-R-A-X is my name,making shit like this for me is a game.

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Yu dnt evn knw komal nd yu were tching her,wen she was resting down.Wht a pervert bloddyy tharki

Excuse me? She'd a sunstroke and she was losing it all.And yes I was touching* her but only to rub her hand so that she can come back in her senses.You're right I don't know her but I know humanity and that's why I helped her. I would've helped you too if you were in that situation but no because you're just an arsehole whose brain is filled with bullshit.

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a recent para?¿

Word Porn.
We call them with a name of whore,
Little do we know about their pain,
Hiding their tears behind the makeup they wore.
They don't have to but still are pushed,
Into the mess we disgust,
Trying to complain about the mess we shushed.
At the age of playing with sticks,
Cruelty of people,
Made her play with dicks.
We tease and curse,
Still they try,
When their problems are worse.
So before calling them with these ill names,
Feel their pain once,
We should be ashamed.

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