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When are you guys making a new domain?

This fall. We are registering for a new domain this week!

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Why ddi you guys take a break off your website for the entire summer and Redo it? It was completely fine!

We are sorry if you liked the old website and missed it. But we promise that the brand new website is much better!!!!! Your going to love it.

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Exact date on the release of your website?

We honestly don't know. Sometime this fall.

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Do you guys have an instagram? Possibly a twitter or Facebook. Your google plus is really put of date along with Vevo. What's up?

We are going to create more social media accounts after our website launches. We do have a google plus, but we don't really use it that often.

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Hey guys! When does your new website come out? im really excited for the brand new features coming to pang Pang Pops. Best of luck to your staff and crew. You guys rock so much. Can you tell us any new feature features coming out? Thanks so much. Whats up with the website. Any improvements. Thanks

Aw thanks so much. Our brand new website comes out this fall. We are not for sure yet if its launching this month. Please sign up for our mailing lists for more updates:)
About about new website. Yes!!!! We are making lots of improvements. Our new website was professionally made with html/csss codes. Our new website will be more modern and up to date with the world wide web.

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How many times a day do you visit

We just got our We are going to use it a lot so we can answer our users questions.

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What are you guys? In confused on what this website does.

Thanks for stopping by our website. Our website is just full of entertainment and media. We have games, blogs, website blocks, tips and tricks, videos, new music, and so on. Once our website comes out, you'll have lots of information on what our website is about.

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What's ur jus contact information so I can contact you guys. Thanks

Our contact information.
4. our website (Pang Pang Pops)
Feel free to use any of those services to contact us. Thanks

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Hey! You guys haven't been responding to my email lately. Any thing up with you guys? Are you guys no longer supporting email support? Are you now using

Hey thanks for contacting us. We are still using our email, but currently we are not answering any until the brand new Pang Pang Pops comes out. If you really need to talk to us right now, please use our Thanks so much. No, we are not just using, we just wanted to have more accounts to help our users. Hope this helps.

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What are you addicted to?

Im addicted to a lot of things. Computers, Phones, Websites, and Tablets.

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Which movies or books have made a big impact on you?

Man books and movies have made a great impact on me. I can't really remember them all, but I could list some.
1. Peter and the Starcatchers
2. Children of the Holocaust
3. Crispin: The Cross of Lead
4. Titanic
5. Brave
and many more!!!!!

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Do you care what other people think of you?

Not Really. Depends what it is

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