Genuinely curious here: Do you talk to other subbers/translators or is it sort of a silent community? Like are you friends with any of them or does everyone just kind of not talk and respect the work of others? I don't do any chatting online or forum work so I feel out of touch on how things work.

vgperson and I make shitty jokes to each other on an almost-daily basis but that's about it. We (Ame, Occasional, descent, etc.) used to have a chat where we'd talk about songs we're doing or ask for advice, but then everyone sort of died because of school/work/life. This wasn't until a thing until like a year or so after I started subbing, I guess because no one bothered to make a chat.
Communication is a good thing, though! I'd say it actually helps with building up respect for each other, because you get to meet each other and see what kinds of backgrounds everyone comes from. You can look at others' processes to find out some handy tips and also not have 4 people do the same song (lmao Rockbell...)

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