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Then after ao many months I noticed someine changed his dp, and account was activated again. But I was nit in the liat now. I inquired the frnd and he told it must be someone from family. last night i texted on his number. And got reply. He isn't dead but wanted me to move on. So did this all Cont..

Na mahram larkay ar larki k darmian har rishta harram hai

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Midnight thoughts? ⏱️

Wasay ✨
You don't deserve a paragraph. You deserve a thousand books written about how amazing you are. You're beautiful and when you smile, its the prettiest thing I've ever seen. I know i did'nt make it clear how much i love you. You deserve to know that you mean the world to someone and I wish I am that someone.
No matter how and why we fell apart. You will always hold first place in my heart♥️.

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