Ask @pareesa2004:

The nicest people for you?

People who respect my personal space.
People who are not intrusive in my matters People who support me in everything I do.
People who just let me be.
People who let me live my way.
People who see things differently.
People who believe in me.
People who can fight for me.
People who are so genuinely happy for me
People who encourage me to become a better version of myself.
People who don't leave me alone when i say I want to be alone.
Wondering If my perfect people exist somewhere. Because honestly I'm done with people. They never cease to disappoint me. (I felt like writing it down, not gonna reread it, letting the uncensored and unedited thoughts out) :)))

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Pichle 6.5 years se khuda se kuch maang rai hoon. Pyar vyar ka chakar nai hai. Umra, sadqa, wazaif, nawafil, tahajjud sabh mien mang liya. WO nahi kehre kun meri duaoon per. Na umeed hogyi hoon. Marrne ko dil kerta hai abh. Please kuch esa kahen k meri mayoosi khatam hojae. I've lost my faith ?

Give it a read. Allah has the best plans for you , you'll realise it soon. He can't just grant you something that is no good for you. Dont lose faith. Ill pray for you, may Allah grant you peace of mind and heart Ameen , stay blessed !

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