how old were you when you got your first job?


Hi love your skin colour so much !!!!!!! Do you use blusher? Can you tell me what colour you using ? x

Oh thank you haha. I haven't been using any make up - it's Summer.... keep that skin au natural with a bit of sunscreen.

hi do you know if oscar wylee's internships are paid?

It's pretty rare to get a paid internship.

how do you style a denim skirt?

You can't really go wrong with denim skirts! They're a staple.. but I always love chucking a good black leather belt and tucking in oversized tee's or a lovely button down silk blouse. Double denim is always good.

Do you have the MacBook Pro or air? Xx LOVE YOUR STYLE BY THE WAY


I'm going on a long distance flight and I have no idea what to wear on the plane..any tips/suggestions? What would you wear? thanks xxxxxxxx

Whatever you feel most comfortable in.. I usually go with a longish loose dress with sneakers or sandals and bring either a jumper or scarf incase it gets chilly. xx

Which colour do you have your stan smiths in? green?


brand recommendations for semi-formal long length dresses under $150?

Maurie and Eve, Sir the Label, Bec and Bridge

what phone case do you use?? xxoo

Just a clear silicon one I found at a stall in HK for like 50cents

whats your current laptop background? I haven't been able to find a good one

Haha A Picasso.

Hello Yan, where do you get your neck scarves please? xx

From all over. My parents use to collect them.. and now I collect them. I bought a few through out my travels in Asia.



hi babe! absolutely love the new site (yes, i'm a little late haha)--did you code it all yourself? xx

Thank you! Yep, just super basic.

Hi Yan! I read you use coconut oil, I got one and I was wondering how you use it (cuz i've no idea haha). Thanks you :)

Use it as moisturiser. Good for nights!

hey Yan where do you get your oversized denim jacket? it's super cute.

Heya, found it at an opshop in Bali

hey girl! im in love with your insta and the chilled, clean refreshing theme of your pics, totally serene and calming to scroll over! i was just wondering what filters you use to edit your pics and what film cameras you use too? you're such a talent! xoxo

Thank you! Photoshop or VscoCam. Film cameras I just use whatever disposable I can get my hands on.

Where is ur sunglasses from? They are soo cute

All my sunglasses are either Sunday Somewhere or Epokhe! Which ones were you referring to?

Is edwardsandco affordable ? What is the range when it comes to pricing? (For hair being coloured or a trim)

Hi lovely, it really depends what you want done. It's best if you just give them a ring and ask! They're really helpful.

Hi Yan Yan, who do you recommend to follow on snapchat?

I don't really follow anyone apart from my friends haha

Hi yan! Sorry if this question is very bothersome but if you don't mind me asking, what size did you get your realisation top in? I'm considering buying some things from them but am quite uncertain on sizing.. Would you say they fit true to size? Thank you so much!

XS. Pretty sure they have a sizing chart! It's pretty true to size.

any ideas for classing up a winter parka for something that doesn't look too sloppy?

I've never really been into parkas but juxtapose it with layered and tailored pieces.. so some nice cigarette pants.. a crew neck long sleeve and some fresh white sneakers.

i was just wondering, can you just give a picture of the hair colour/style you want to edwards&co on the day and they'll be able to do it?

Yeahh they're pretty good like that. They'll advise you on the day as well for what is best for your hair texture/colour.

What's a good place to have dinner, slightly formal but still good vibes|thanks!!!

Not really sure where you're based but here are some of my favourites..

Da Razio, Bondi Beach
A Tavola, Darlinghurst
Bar Reggio, Surry Hills
Master, Crown Street
Mamasan, Bondi Beach
Ms G, Kings Cross
Mama Buoi's, Surry Hills
Toko, Surry Hills
Sake, The Rocks
The Winery, Crown St
Luis Tan's, Gould St

hi yan, which online stores do you frequent most for your bangin outfits?

Oh hellooooo, my good friends at Sir the Label are my absolute favourite. No biasedness at all but throughout my trip, apart from one or two pieces I picked up along my travels, everything I wore was by them haha. Look like I'm sponsored by them hahahaha.

Other then that, I've been perusing a bit of Zulu and Zephyr, Réalisation, Tuchuzy but to be honest I've been online shopping a lot for sunnies and jewellery!

what makeup do you use?

Majority of the products I use are Shu Uemura. On a day to day basis... I like mascara, eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows.. and their dypsea hydrating lip balm. Sometimes if I'm tired I'll add a bit of blush cream on my cheeks.


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