Ask @parijackson:

Can I have your Snapchat please. And I'm sorry about Joe. On June 25 the 9th anniversary of your dads death I cried all day. I was thinking about you guys and all his home videos with you guys. It made me cry but I'm better now and I just love you and your family ❤

i’m sorry for the late response, i’m not on here as much as i used to be, but thank you💕. there’s never a time where we don’t think about him. we will be keeping both of them in our hearts.

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Hey Paris, I hope you're doing good and I love you so much and you sing very good. I'm have a Quinceñera on September 1st and my surprise dance is dangerous from Michael. I would love to meet you and be friends but if not that's cool too. But anyway I love you❤❤❤

omg that’s amazing! happy early birthday, i hope you have a great time. i would definitely love to see your surprise dance, and meet you💕 (and be friends)

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