Ask @parthkishan:

Tbh; Fav boy on ask, amazing Youtuber (last video was dope💥), cutiee❤. Topper h tu.😂 But vella bhi👌 Lyy❤❤

Kashish Aggarwal
Arre bhai Bhai Bhai Bhai 💕😘😘 tysm 😉😍 ly too re 😘💕 best girl!! 💯💯💯

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Do you ever talk to your self in mirror? if yes what do you talk about?

"ladko to Bhut hot Hai bs ek acchi SE ladki ki kami Hai " 😂

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Not possible.. that girl must be blind for sure then

All ugly people are not ugly by heart !!
Or agr pyaar shakal dekh Kr ho to woh pyaar nhi HOTA Hai :)

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But u never b alone! I'll be with you from dusk till dawn 💜 PROMISE, PROMISE, PROMISE BUB🎀

Whoz this ? 😄🙈

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