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$wavy baby
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Do you know what kind of hairstyle august alsina had before he had a man bun?

lol google works wonders

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💪🏽😭 hope y'all have a good day, babies. [ ]

| holy rihsus. ✨

lol I'm hella late but thanks boo

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so we're gonna have a party after our next blunt?

gimmie you kik.

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why ain't they ever do my hair? .-.
[ bta)

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imy too much fr.

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mya dating anyone ?

nopee :c

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[ wonders what is life ]

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😩😩 gotta answer all deez questions.


sure do :))

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I'm gonna be up until 3

you should know

what time is it there for you?

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because your bitch ass ain't pm back 😭😭

respond to my pm, I know you seen it. and cut it out with all that attitude before we fight.

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you ain't sleep are you ? ya bum 😒

no bummett. how can I sleep when we haven't chilled yet?

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Today is Cow Appreciation Day! Would you hug a cow?

I'll take somebody else's car
drive there under cover.

this shít is every thing to me
this shít is everything.

don't know where we stand
I use to hit you bout everything.

- aviana, baby

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Go girlfriend that's my girlfriend that's my girlfriend Yus you betta


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Zachary Jr. Zach , Zion , Zaquan , Zane , Zeke, Zamora , Desiree , Dakota , dillion , deshawn , , that's only 11

that's allloot.

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hell nah , 8 girls 8 boys

what's gonna be their names? this is too muwach.

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babe .

when you take baes soul and she expect you not to be horny.

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I want 16 tho.

16 would be great, just a whole bunch of little Zacharys and Drias runnin around. But I want all boys and one girl.

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Dria's gonna have my 10 babies y'all.

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pap of best friend ?

[when your bestfriend never posts pictures) @sonni

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~somewhat of a thirst trap c:

$wavy baby

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gohdamn, gohdamn.