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Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver?

If I don't say Gordon Ramsay Sagus will be very dissapointed in me....

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Longest relationship you have been in? :)

1 1/2year!

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Would you or have cosplayed someone from Disney? Who?

I want to cosplay Elsa someday! Even if everyone and their mom have done it lol

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When you travel out of country, like Japan for example, do you go with an empty suitcase? Or maybe just the essentials?

When I went to Japan I packed as little as possible since I knew I was going to shop a lot! But when I went to Thailand I packed a full bag since I didn't plan to shop much :3

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Ska du titta på finalen för Melodifestivalen lördag? Vem vill du att representera Sverige?

Är i Thailand då så nä! Vad som helst utom dollystyle går bra :--)3

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How did you work on it? Any suggestion for me? :(

I challenged myself and did those things I found myself uncomfortable with and The more I did it The easier it became!

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Do you struggle with social anxiety?

It used to be worse but I have worked on it and now it's not as bad as before ☺️

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Your skin's so perfect, I wanna cry nonstop.

Don't cry my skin isn't perfect! I get dry really easily and I'm very reddish make up is my saviour 🙌🏻

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wow, your body is like those on art galleries, on those old paintings with angels and leaves and pretty stuff

I have no idea what painting you are referring to but I doubt that I look like them 🙃

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How many times a week do you wash your hair?

About 3 times! (but shower everyday since I workout but I don't wash my hair everytime)

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What is one thing that brings a smile to your face?

Payday 🌚

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How is the dating with the tinder boy going? 😏

Idk tbh..... Neither of us have much free time and we live far away from each other so yeah...

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Do you have instagram?

Yeah I'm "pastelbat" over there too!

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Het! So i bought contacts for a cosplay, and I am just wondering where all I can buy some solution for them? Here in Sweden of course. ^^ thanks so much! :3

Maya Sanders

I always buy mine at Apoteket!

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I am so incredibly jealous of your hair and your face! Oh my god, you're among the cutest people I've seen! I hope you have a really nice day!

Don't be jealous I have to take like 500 selfies to get 1 picture that is "ok" and my hair is another fried story 😂😂😂 Hope you have a nice day too!!

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I know you work out a lot but do you have a special diet to stay fit? Do you have any tips? I'm trying to get fit too 😣

What is your opinion on "otherkin"?

It confuses me, but whatever floats peoples boats I guess!!

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i think you're going to be famous one day, like nicki lipstick

That would be hella cool 😎

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Hey there! So I have a question regarding H&M. Their clothes seem to be incredibly thin material, yet they are produced by one of the colder countries. Do their clothes actual keep you warm or...?

It depends on the garment! Not all of their clothing is to keep you warm, that's what you have warm jackets for 8D

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Have you watched Psycho Pass? Did or do you ship anyone in it? ^^

I haven't I want to see it though!

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Din rumpa😍 top notch

Den hälsar tack för komplimangen 😎

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yer a cutie

You too anon 🙈

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What's your height?


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Hey Bootyqueen!! Is the pink hair on your latest pictures your real hair? (if yes, how in hell did you get that gorgeous colour?)

It's a wig from donalovehair 😎

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