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What's the best lessons you have learn in your life ?

It’s healthier to distract myself on plants, my animals… so mind yo business if I’m with them 😂😴
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What is your favorite food for breakfast? I love eggs with liquid yolk, and you? 🍳

Liquid yolk love the descriptive word… LIQUID YOLK
Yum love eggs tho
What is your favorite food for breakfast I love eggs with liquid yolk and you
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Was your intention to use me as some sort of weapon?

A weapon for what though?
I got problems in my head that I’m dealing with… why would I be stressed about a weapon 😂
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Is there a more obligation to inform someone their partner is cheating on them if you become aware of it?

If I personally see cheating occur… y’all best sort that out otherwise get outta my life we to young to be doing that silly shit. 😴

Do you have both parents?

I have Dad he’s been my day one since I was born ♥️
Mums still alive tho… she taught me some toxic traits so let’s not talk about her xx
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Are you naturally inclined to be reclusive or sociable? What factors, in your opinion, influenced you to develop this personality trait? Are you satisfied with the results?

I had to be extroverted who else was gonna get me and my sister outta the house. You grow up quick when you have too 😘👋🏽
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