Ask @paulatthehug:

I lived in Cambridge from 1994 to 09 I regularly subscribed to Cam.misc.Then my username was Barrowboy, because I lived in Barrow Road and my address was I regularly visit Cambridge for friends etc but I now live in Wilts..I cannot log on anymore. Help please.

You were still a user, as "barrowboy", all lower case. So you could have gone to the login page and used the "Forgotten your password? Get a new one: Set new password" option (assuming you still had access to that email address ...) but I see you've now created yourself a new user "bramley" so this is probably a bit academic.

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Not a question but a big thanks for pointing out Pacific from Ricard. I sooo like Pernod and wanted to drink it without alcohol. Great. Hope this finds you well. SuziC

Glad to be of service. And it reminds me I've not had a bottle of that for ages either. I must order some.

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What vegetable do you hate?

Allegedly broccoli however I would claim there's nothing fundamentally wrong with it, it's just the way it's cooked. It needs a sauce over it to stop it going cold (see also cauliflower). But this NEVER HAPPENS.

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