If your partner said “i have doubts about what you really feel idk maybe i’m just fucked up and it’s my brain telling me,” how would you feel? would that make you feel shitty and enough reason to break up?

if they have doubts theres close to nothing /u/ could do but trying ur best to convince them otherwise, still i think thats somethings pretty childish and unnecessary in a relationship between two grown-ups.. but i dont get why that should make me feel bad about myself? if im sure about my feelings thats enough, if someones questioning it its their problem, honestly i wouldnt know how to react in such situations, just know that i surely would break up if theyre right

what if that person dismisses the issue and doesn’t wanna talk abt it and they would just say, “I love you but if you have your doubts then it’s best to just leave you alone.” What does that mean? Is that a break-up line??

its a line full of insecurities luv

are they breaking up or they just want to give you space and time to think?

theyre just insecure about themselves and probably cant cherish their own worth and thats something they have to work on, not u, so i dont really know what to say anymore.. it may be hinting the idea of a breakup, in means of ,taking space‘ though