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What are the some excuses people give when they don't want to continue relationship? 💯

Dey will start making reasons to avoid meeting u or talking to u... Dey will be online also but still wont reply u n wen u ask dem y dey will say i was just chking or blah blah
U will easily cm kw to by deir behavior n d efforts dey mk to be wid u or keep u happy... Being in a relationship is hard n maintaining it is even more tough but to brk it off is so easy

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Ayy tqsm for such a tbh❤️n I love Ur page too❤️❤️u deserve a bunch of happiness too... Thanx a lot😇stay blessed n tc

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To truly know something, you have to know nothing. Agreeable?

I don't think it's totally ryt tat way.... I feel kwing few things bfr or kwing everything but still asking tat person is d best way cuss den u can catch hold if he/she is lying or hiding stuff frm u.... U can even correct dem in dier facts den☺️☺️tats my opinion of dis question

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