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text about someone you really love ?(anyone)

about Amy,
She is perfect, I don't have a words to explain how happy I'm with her, she is naturally, with her is fun cuz she smiling all the time, she make me happy, her laugh is cute, her joke is adorable, her smile, lips, eyes are perfect and she is perfect too. Amy is very amazing and lovely human, I can carry on her, , she know how to make me happy when I'm sad, she's the best who happened in my life. Anyway we are together like couple since November 15th, but I know her already a long time ago. We became friend and know we're couple. To be honest with Amy I can imagine my life in the future. Amy is the only one who I love with all my heart, and I will always love her, cuz she is perfect.

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text about someone you really love anyone