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Isn't it weird that people have celebrities as their idols? You don't know these people. They don't know you. We all don't know what they do behind the screen. But you are in love because they have good looks or are talented. They should be more of an inspiration to you than for you to look up to em

aaaaa it all depends on how the fan is behaving- it also depends on what the celebrity is comfortable with and how much the fan is able to understand- if you’re going to have a celebrity as your idol, they should be aware they are viewed as such by people and you should know they are okay with it. but also, as the fan, you need to understand that you don’t genuinely know this person- i 100% agree that we have no idea what goes on in this celebrities real life. i think the point that it becomes a problem is when fans become entitled and controlling and think they can make their fav celeb do whatever they want when that is just not the case; these celebrities are real people too, and they honestly don’t owe any fans anything really. i think as long as the celebrity is okay with it, and the fans understand their limit and aren’t outlandish with their behavior, having a celebrity as your idol is alright

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Who wants my address I need new companions

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hi i’m just gonna tell you right now: don’t give your address out on the internet unless you can trust and know who you’re giving it too. you have no way of knowing what people’s intentions are- please stay safe <3

I have a suggestion that everyone clears their social medias of any negativity. Follow, Add, Subscribe to people that inspire you and will help you want to better yourself.


I wish everyone reading this has an amazing day. A nice rest of the week. A good month. A better year than before. Keep fighting through the tough times. I promise you it will get better.

thank you sm ! this is rlly nice to hear rn, and very kind of you to say 💖

How far would you go for the one you love?

wayyyy far, if i love you (platonically or romantically) it is very hard to get me to stop liking you wjrjejrj

Do you have any posters on your bedroom wall? What are they?

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YES !!!! i have so many oh my god they’re mostly for waterparks because i love them so so much
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What aspect of you are you most proud of?

i try my best to be nice to everyone unless they give me a big reason to dislike them, so i suppose that??? also maybe the fact that i’m decent at arts related stuff

So I'm 17 and my boyfriend just turned 18. Does that mean we have to break up until I'm 18 too? People were telling me our relationship is illegal but that seems unreasonable since we're still so close in age

in my opinion you guys are fine since you were already together before he turned 18 and you’re less than a year apart

If you see really cute person in public place standing alone , what do you do ?

nothing cause i have -10 self confidence lmao


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