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Pedro Noyola
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If you were candy, what would you be?


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are you taking to someone



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I love you and miss you so very much ❤️



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when we gonna box?

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Best couple?

fuck couples

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Did you have sex with Bryanna

whos that and nope im a virgin

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Who do u like at the moment ?

SHE knows who i like

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She goes to hanks ?


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Give me a hint? What's she like?

shes like cute asf! she has good style she has the cutest smile and shes short

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Who do you like?

a girl

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como le ases para estar tan mamado??

sergio ramirez

no estoy mamado...

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Post a picture of somebody or something you find inspiring!

not me , not sal, but jonathan!

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Would you ever date a guy

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck no .

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What grade r u in? An how old r u?

Sophmore and im 16

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Who is your Valentine?

Josue Holguin <3

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Did you guys used to talk tho ?

Me and who?

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Oh lol sorry haha I wanted to see cause YoI comment on her pictures and he doesn't

I guess i do x) lol

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Does that guy know you ?

I dont know x)

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Her ig is ayoo_cassy

Were just friends :)

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Isnt that girl talking to jessie_topszn?

What girl?

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I do

And who are you?

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Who is she tho?

Who wants to know?

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Who do u want?

A girl

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What school do you go to ?


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love hate relationship yall have

Lol i bet a stupid rumor is gonna get started or its already going around x) lmao na were barely friends :)

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