Ask @pengyiliang:

if Korean teams or Chinese teams hire u to be their ad carry ,would u like to go their regions?(BTW thx for answering my question <3)

I've been asked by the big Korean organizations before to join and have declined, language and culture barrier are too big to overcome, and there's no reason to join a more competitive region and lessen your chances at making worlds.
Just look at Piglet and Faker who didn't make worlds this year, there's no reason for anyone to migrate to Korea if you care at all about your competitive career

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What would be a good adc pick in the current meta besides Lucian and Tristana? because that's all I see lately

Antonio Quiñones
Vayne has a 40-60 matchup in Lucian but can still win, Jinx and Kog are both situationally good vs the supertanks right now (Jinx esp in 2v1 for massive pressure advantage)
Other than that I expect ADC tier list at worlds to look like
Twitch/Corki/Vayne (mainly from Koreans because the 3 AD players from NA can't play Vayne)
Everything else

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What is better on lucian lucidity boots or berserker greaves?

Brandon Cho
If the enemy team has a supertank like Ali, Maokai, Braum, Mundo, etc then you almost always go Shiv Zerkers
If they're a bunch of squishies and you just going for raw burst damage and ult for massive chunk then you go GB Lucidity
EU ADCs dont get this and that's why their builds look really random and wrong

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What do you think Riot needs to do with Tristana to make her more balanced in the current patch or is it a matter of waiting for a change in the meta to cater to other ADCs?

Max Ma
Trist is just a cancer champ by design and I think she needs to be reworked. There's no reason for an ADC to have the best lategame, be a lane bully with kill pressure, and have 2 escapes. They nerfed the mid-game power spike that all other ADs enjoyed which puts Trist more even midgame to other ADs who go a similar build path (IE -> Shiv)
Why is there such a thing as a snowballing hypercarry, makes no sense. Jinx is basically Trist minus 2 escapes

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Ever wanted to play for SKT T1? Or other Korean teams? Piglet sucks a d*** these days

Alex Park
when I played vs Piglet it seemed like he was Rock Lee from Naruto, that guy plays with the biggest weights on aka PoohManDu.
He practically 1v2s in lane and outside of lane he plays really reckless because he gets no backup from his support. If he had a better support everyone would recognize him as the best AD in Korea

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