Ask @pepseeh:

Ed Sheeran or The Weeknd?

Oh, tough choice. I'ma go with Abel, but I love it when hip-hop and R&B musicians get Ed to sing hooks for them.

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It’s Saturday night! Would you rather stay home with the one you love or have a fun party with your best friends?

I'll party with my girlfriend and my friends

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Would you rather continue your life as it is or start it over?

I'd like to take everything I learned in this life and start over. Yeah I appreciate everything I've been through looking back, but I'd like to see how much better it would be knowing what I know now.

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When looking back to 2016, which are the most memorable events you have experienced?

I got myself on TV, I got myself a title shot, I got myself promoted

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Have you ever written a poem? If yes, what was it about?

Yeah, for school and for myself, although I didn't realize the ones I was writing for myself were actually poetic until after

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