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Why do you think people hide love but express hatred so openly?

We hide love (and everything sweet) because we wanna take it personal, people are greedy by nature :) However, we share and express hatred because we can't stand carrying these bad feelings inside us for long time.

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مين الكاتب اللي أنتَ بتحب تسمعله؟؟


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Is there a teacher, who has inspired you during your school years?


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يا بيتر عامل ايه . الواحد بقي مش عارف يوصلك يا جدع

يعني أنتَ وصلت لحساب الآسك اللي ماحدش يعرفه ومش عارف توصلي على الحسابات التانية؟!

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Do you watch cartoons? What is your recent favorite one?

Of course, Yes!
Lion King II

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What is the best movie you have ever seen?

Harry Potter series <3 ^_^

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Born and live in Egypt, 21 years-old, Copt, Senior student at ; AR <> EN Trainee Translator; writer; computer amateur, and support FOSS.


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