Ask @petersamy1995:

Would you rather be with the crush of your dreams or have an infinite amount of your favourite food?

Neither this nor that -_- :3

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حاجه بتفرحك ???

النجاح، ﻷنه غالبًا بيجي بعد تعب وبؤس ويأس :)

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ماذا لو اصبح الحلم حقيقة ?

بعض الأحلام كنت أتمنى لو كانت حقيقة، لكن بمجرد أن أفتح عيني، يختفي حلمي كالسراب؛ وأحيانًا حتى لا أتذكره!
أما البعض الأخر فلا أتمنى أن يكون حقيقةً، ولا حتى أن يآتي في منامي مجددًا، وبمجرد أن أفتح عيني، أحمد الله أن كل ذلك كان حلمًا.

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What's your favorite slang word?

Fam (means friend in the London slang).

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Do you think your nationality influences the way you are?

Of course!

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How do you spend the majority of your free time?

1- Check e-mails and social media (because I don't check it while I'm working;
2- Read books and articles;
3- Have a meal;
4- Watch TV;
5- Go to the balcony;
6- Play a video game; or
7- Go wandering with my friends.
I don't do all of them in one day, but 3 of them at least.

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What should be illegal?

Education :D

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Follow y Gma3a 😍


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What do you miss the most when you're away from home?

My bed 😴

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ليه هي اسنان ولا شقه 😂

هي مين دي؟
ولا السؤال ده مبعوت غلط؟!

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بدور علي خلفيات للديسكتوب بتاعي .. اي اقتراحات ؟

بحبك جدا والله متخادش كلامي هزار

أنتَ شاذ؟! 😂

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2 4 6 8 حول 😎😎

١٠ ١٢ ١٤ حول

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Why do you think people hide love but express hatred so openly?

We hide love (and everything sweet) because we wanna take it personal, people are greedy by nature :) However, we share and express hatred because we can't stand carrying these bad feelings inside us for long time.

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مين الكاتب اللي أنتَ بتحب تسمعله؟؟


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Is there a teacher, who has inspired you during your school years?


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يا بيتر عامل ايه . الواحد بقي مش عارف يوصلك يا جدع

يعني أنتَ وصلت لحساب الآسك اللي ماحدش يعرفه ومش عارف توصلي على الحسابات التانية؟!

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Do you watch cartoons? What is your recent favorite one?

Of course, Yes!
Lion King II

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What is the best movie you have ever seen?

Harry Potter series <3 ^_^

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Born and live in Egypt, 22 years-old, Copt, Senior student at ; AR <> EN Trainee Translator; writer; computer amateur, and support FOSS.


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