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(sent on 1/14/22) just an FYI to anyone receiving this — if i preface a question with a date, it’s a shout out. i’ve recently been told my shout outs are being sent as ‘personal questions,’ due to askfm being faulty. sorry for the confusion, everyone.

poetalunam’s Profile Photoleigh;
that's ok. actually it's easier for me because i get a bunch of shoutouts in a diff language and the personal questions are all in english

(sent on 1/15/22) how do you handle a friend who constantly complains about things but does nothing to change their situation?

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i give them my best advice and encourage them to change their ways, but after a while i just step away because clearly they don't wanna listen.

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Am I the only one who receives many questions in Arabic letters? I do not understand that language...

anahicabrera1840’s Profile PhotoAnahi
same well i get questions that aren’t in english. idk why

Can someone explain what messages and questions are for me personally? Lol the personal questions font seem like their personally for me .. lol

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ya i can't tell


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