Ask @PetriValentin:

If you weren't in a band, what do you think you would want to do with your life? (Literally anything else except performing on stage can count.)

Designing clothes and accessories, animating, making games, making comics, doing creative hair and make up styling... basically the same stuff I do on the side now..!
Writing (novels), acting or cake decorating would be nice as well, but apart from any artist related stuff, I'd like to become a mathematician! It'd be awesome to conduct research on quantum mechanics or any space related stuff!
Other possible career choices would be day care staff or florist!
I have many interests and I try to do as much of it as I can, though I chose to focus on the music!

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how you get that snow white hair colour?...ive bleached mine and tone it but it is a very light yellow

If you have very dark hair like me you might have to bleach it twice! However, it's not possible for everyone to achieve white hair without breaking it so be careful!
Also, aside from the hair closest to the scalp, it's hard to get a perfect white. For this reason it sometimes takes a few months of bleaching roots when they're at a good lenght before it looks just right.

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oh hey i just learned some of my family is from sweeden im actually excited but my first thought was no wonder i like you and endigo anyways love u petri

Cool! If you want to honor your Swedish heritage you should learn our cultural dance "Små Grodorna" that we perform squatting in circles around a giant flower clad penis statue once a year. You should also start demanding our national dish, "pizzasallad", as a free bonus every time you buy a pizza and, of course, watch Donald Duck every Christmas Eve. Good luck!

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