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whoever likes thinks ur pretty


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how far would u ever go with a guy

probably to the end of my driveway. im sorta lazy

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Girls are weak

If girls are weak, try pulling the blankets back to your side

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pap of you right now

sorry, no edit, hope you weren't expecting anything special

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Advice on girls for a guy?

Never ask a girl with winged eye liner why she is late... Ever

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Advice on guys??

If you are talking to a guy and he's looking at your boobs, Look at his package and squint a little

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Thoughts on unemployment?

I ha e a lot of jokes about unemployed people, but none of them work

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how hot r u in a bikini

well I get kind of cold ! so I put on a sweater and jeans

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Do you like Netflix

Netflix gives you 15 seconds between episodes to help you decide what you are going to do with your life

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How often does Nitti use the restroom?

twice every time the clock strikes swag

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Happy birthday!!!

Hunter Nitti

Wrong day but thanks Nitti :)

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Guys you like?

My people will tell your people

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How do you hug people?

with my arms???

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What position do you sleep in?

i do not know, but it's always different when I wake up :)

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Do you think that you and isaiah are more than friends?

hi Isaiah :*

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What is your favorite piece of clothing?

Big fuzzy socks (:

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Can I be you

Maryy Caniifff ❤

aww :) miss you Mary

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How do you make a girl happy?

Well, to make me happy I just need a fluffy blanket, a funny movie and potato chips

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Happy birthday !!:)


aww thank you Telly !! ♥

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You're absolutely gorgeous. Left me speechless. xx

Thank you :)

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Do you like sushi?

Yes! As long as I don't know what's in it :)

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What is your favorite month of the year?

December :)

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Hannah wehling


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