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Tbh Peyton LA was the best - even though you pulled my hair all the time - you are really funny and very interesting 😂 we should talk more -rate 9-

paige_5’s Profile PhotoPaige
You were mean too😂 but yes✌

tbh// your so funny! l.a. class with you in it was the besttttt. 😂😂 some of the things you say just make me cry of laugher. will miss yo next year and all years after

Callielynn’s Profile Photocallie.
I'll miss you too!😭
Liked by: Paige callie.

tbh I FUCKING LOVE YOU PEYTON OMG. youre hilarious af and also kinda quiet but then when you actually talk to people youre loud which is quite good. i wish we were better friends so i could make this tbh better buuut unfortunately we are not 😔😔 love u

sydneyyykayyy’s Profile Photosydney babes
Thanks Sydney! Love you tooo
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