Ask @peytonslbarron:

What would you do if I told that I used to feel the same way, that no one was my friend, that I was all alone? then what would you do if i told you my life is better now? And then I would tell you that my name is Tristan Abigale McCutcheon and ask what can I do to be a better friend?

I'm sorry you felt as if no one was your friend. I'm happy everything is better for you now. There is nothing you can do to be a better friend. I believe that no one person is meant to be in our life permanently. The people that are with us when we are born will eventually die, or leave. The people who come along later, they will die or leave too. No one is meant to be permanent. We are not permanent. No one in this world is. Even you were not permanent in my life, nor was I permeate in yours. I will never be able to appreciate all the memories we have together enough. I miss them, and the feelings they gave me, but nothing and no one is permanent.

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