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Have you ever been hypnotized?

yes, once! and my bf was super scared as hell lol

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ga brmaksud apa2 ya c, tp kan kl makeupan trs jd kyk ga pede sm diri sdr

hah? no dear. bukan berarti km ngga pd sm diri sendiri trus make up jadi pd, confidence starts from your own mind. mau diapain aja kalo ga pd ya ga pd. I use make up because I appreciate my self as a woman now, bukan krn biar jadi pd πŸ˜„ I used to be an overconfident one long ago lol

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kerja dmana ce?


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hi c, cc knp kok suka makeupan? kalo natural kan lbh bgs

bcs I appreciate my self as an adult now. kalo dulu masih SMA sih kumus2 ya, tp skg kan udah ngga jamannya kumus. lagian, make upku natural aja kok, ngga yg menor2 gitu lol πŸ˜‚

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Happy sunday cc ! πŸ’•

hv a great Sunday juga anon πŸ˜‰

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kuliah / kerja sih?

kyk anak kuliah ya😊 bole lah kalo dibilang anak kuliahan lol

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cece langganan di roxefello sampai menang give away ya? dpt apa aja ce kmrn?😁😁

as I remembered menang giveawaynya berdasarkan caption yg aku tulis sih, bukan krn langganan hahaha πŸ˜‚

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ce emg km jenis kulitnya oily apa ga?

so so, ngga terlalu oily tp ga yg kering banget.

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Kok rambutmu skg pendek

soalnya nggak panjang lagi πŸ˜‰

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ce makeupnya apa aja? sm brandnya.. thanksπŸ˜„

ini yg usually used yaa :)
β€’ primer: nivea post men shave
β€’ foundation: bourjois healthy mix serum or kadang pake missha BB cream
β€’ powder: sephora/mac
β€’ concealer: the saem
β€’ eye primer: elf
β€’ eyeliner: etude, mizzu
β€’ eyeshadow: ud naked2
β€’ eyebrow: cosmos, etude
β€’ bronzer: mac, tp biasanya mix sama elf yg fiji
β€’ blush: benefit, elf
β€’ highlighter: mac, elf
β€’ brush n sponge: RT, Wet n wild
β€’ lipbalm: vaseline
β€’ lipstick/liquid: Paul&Joe, ysl, jordana, colourpop

Rata2 sih harganya yg affordable make upku, ngga yg harganya selangit2 hahaha
Most of them aku beli di @roxefelloπŸ˜‰

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Ce drdl suka make up ta?

nggak! hahaha dulu SMA pake bedak aja ogah πŸ˜‚ baru belakangan ini sih addicted, sebelumnya ya cuma asal doang pakenya

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Ci pernah ga punya temen yg di depan baik tapi terus nusuk dari belakang ? Apa yg cici lakuin ke dia ?

wah berat amat pertanyaannya sis πŸ˜‚ I guess everyone has ever been thru those times, thinking that someone is your best friend but suddenly she stabbed you from the back. Nobody's perfect tho. Stay thinking positively aja lah, yg penting berbuat baik sama orang lain, urusan mau dibackstab yah biar jd urusan dia sm yg di atas gitu aja. karma does exist. as simple as that.

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Ce, liburan kmn?

liburannya sudah kelewat jauh ya baru asknya dijawab haha mianhaeee πŸ™†πŸ» I stayed at Sby most of time, only spent some days at Malang for just culinary since my mom's belong to that city.

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What time do you usually wake up in the morning?

I'm a sleepyhead kinda person so I wake up 30mins before my schedule, honestly. I usually start my schedule at 9 everyday, so biasanya bangun jam 8 or 8.30 hahahaha ☺️ I need to do sports in the morning but it always be a "wacana" only LOL

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km skg kok sering pake make up?

siapa ya ini?? kok tau lately aku suka make up-an hahaha

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c bljr make up ndek mana? les t?

no, I learned it from YouTube aja sih. Never once attend a make up class. Next time mungkin mau coba join classes if I hv a spare time.

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ceee follbackkπŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ»

sudah follow km dr kapanane kok rel 😚

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What is the next movie you really want to watch?

Conjuring 2! LOL

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What sport do you like watching but hate playing?

You can imagine how girls play soccer, generally πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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kak fb nya gak di di add πŸ˜‚

who r u?

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Tanpa mengubah konten dan mengcopy ulang, paste apapun yang terakhir kali di copy dari gadgetmu! I dare you 😁

Olivia Bambang

surabaya pns gak?

sblm masuk musim hujan ini puanas ky neraka bocor, tp udh masuk musim hujan kayaknya nerakanya udah ditembel biar gak bocor hihi

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Is shopping a form of entertainment for you?

definitely yes! who doesnt love shopping? :3

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Apa yg bikin km paling bete?

I will be so damn bete if anyone ruins my plan hahaha example: I plan to do A then B then C, trus suddenly someone interrupt my plan and so it should be changed atau jadi molor deh rencanaku. Call me a bit perfectionist, yes I am haha

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c aku newbie ttg alis2an gt, and i want to learn how to use it, so how to draw ya? and warna apa yg cocok buat umur 20an, and merk apa modelnya gmb ya? thanks before☺️

Idk, try searching on YouTube aja apa yg cocok buat your face's shape. I usually do it asal doang.

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