How do you help your friends when they're feeling low?


bf- very sweet n attractive Aman Manji


Heard going for Matt again


c - your purdy Sebastian Dexel

:-) thx

Like anybody?

may b

last thing that made you smile

Tbhh pheinerr you're such gorgeouss, talented, nice gal ahah I love hangin with you cuz it's always a good timee!! I'm excited for this coming up box season and I hope were on the same team💕💕 oh and I love your hair😍 Heidi Robinson


Tbh pheeensss!!! You are my fav person ever!!! Known each other for a v long time. You're so funny, nice and a great person in general. You have the greatest personality & one of my bestfriends!!! Hang asap!!!!😊 Fardinb✔


Hottest guys in each class


In best friends

cuz he a bitch usually :)

Why do u say Jody sometimes all the time

sry what

@alexernst asks, "What is your favorite romance movie?"


c- always there n so attractive Aman Manji


TBH Phoenix we met in grade 6 you were always so nice to talk with and have such a positive vibe all the time. Your always saying hi in the hallways which is nice and hopefully we'll have a class together this semester :) Sam

thanks sam! :))

Best guy friends

aman n fil n probs anson, sometimes jody idk

tbh- your tbh to me are my exact thoughts towards you & always will be. sucha genuine soul & by far one of the most all-around beautiful people I've ever had the pleasure to talk to. text me soon for sure, miss you. ❤️ sarah dadfar

so much love for u

Tbh- mans you da real mvp 🙏🏽 main reason why i passed bio even tho i fucked around u was dere for me n i appreciate that & you. Sad we dont have a class no more but hopefully we still talk AND YOU MAKE ME RAVIOLI. Youre so sweet caring friendly and funny. You goin sumwhere in life fr keep it up💖 Isaiah Khous

ayye aha proud of you! thanks sm, much love khous💘💘

no classes together 😭 Cole Mullen


9/10 Kenneth Songo

thx kennyyy :))

Pap schedule

Did you break up?

we haven't been together since early december fammm

Are u and aaron dating yet

I think you're a lil behind

Pap txt msgs

wow !!


ya sure


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