What is your favorite game of all time?

Super Mario RPG on the SNES. It managed to create a funny, enjoyable experience for a gateway RPG that did not need a very long or complex narrative to create characters that were important for the player to relate to. The game follows the story of Mallow growing up, Geno as a breakout character, and Peach as a first-time role model for young girls, for instance. Mario subverts the trope of silent protagonist, the game frequently subverts the trope of rescuing the damsel in distress, etc. In some ways I would say that the game did a lot of things that were ahead of its time.
Plus, there is so much hidden stuff in the game that even now almost 20 years later I discover something new each time I play. Choosing what I will challenge myself with is like playing a completely different game but with a familiar environment that feels like home (see: underleveled runs).

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