Ask @pidgezero_one:

Why aren't you seeking a serious relationship at the moment?

There's a few reasons. Being in a serious relationship comes with its own set of expectations. I'd want someone I was serious about to be involved in most if not all aspects of my life, like being in all my social circles and well-acquainted with my family. Someone who would come with me when I travel for smash bros stuff, someone I'd eventually feel okay sharing a bank account with, all that adult stuff that I'm not even ready for yet.
I also don't consider myself very well adjusted as far as adulthood goes. I would like to be financially stable before someone else emotionally invests in me long term. I see serious relationships as an investment, and I want to be a worthwhile one for more reasons than someone just really liking to be around me. I'd want to be in a place where I'd be comfortable actually sharing a life with that person rather than having them deal with my current inability to bring myself up to a stable position. Long-term relationships for me are as much an economical partnership as much as an emotional one. There has to be forethought about the future, which I have very little of.
I also don't like the external pressure of being expected to settle down. For me it feels like my "freedom" has an expiry date. I like doing most things by myself at the moment.

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if i ask myself in my head if im a girl, i say yes. but i do nothing to become a girl. im afraid my transition would be ugly, and im afraid of losing the people around me if i decide to transition.

As a cis person I am not really in a place to give you advice on this issue -- but I will say that you should transition only when you feel safe and comfortable doing so.
Do you have anyone close to you who you expect will be supportive of you? Maybe friends who you might have seen saying or agreeing with trans-positive things. I think that might be a good place to start with building a safety net before you decide to come out, if you decide to come out.
You're a girl and you're beautiful whether you transition or not.
Trans friends on Twitter, please weigh in on this, I don't want to give over-privileged advice that may be off-base.

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What is your favorite game of all time?

Super Mario RPG on the SNES. It managed to create a funny, enjoyable experience for a gateway RPG that did not need a very long or complex narrative to create characters that were important for the player to relate to. The game follows the story of Mallow growing up, Geno as a breakout character, and Peach as a first-time role model for young girls, for instance. Mario subverts the trope of silent protagonist, the game frequently subverts the trope of rescuing the damsel in distress, etc. In some ways I would say that the game did a lot of things that were ahead of its time.
Plus, there is so much hidden stuff in the game that even now almost 20 years later I discover something new each time I play. Choosing what I will challenge myself with is like playing a completely different game but with a familiar environment that feels like home (see: underleveled runs).

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