Ask @pidgezero_one:

What is it about 64 in particular that keeps you hooked on it all this time later?

I just think its mechanics are the most fun out of any smash game. I love its complexity wrapped in what looks like "simplicity" to the untrained eye (less input options than other games, I mean).
Turns out after all those years of playing Brawl I also enjoy its extreme opposite on the hitstun scale.
There's also the whole thing about how since getting into 64 I haven't really experienced any of the microaggressions that women typically experience in the other smash games. The way people treat me is based entirely out of who I am and what I do instead of gender expectations. That's been pretty sick. Despite it having the lowest proportion of female players, it's been the most comfortable for me as a female player.

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gj on losing weight yo. What are you hot strats? judging from your progress I am close to what you were and would love a nudge.

Been limiting my intake to lean protein and veggies, with a LITTLE bit of fruit and a tiny bit of low-carb crackers/pita bread/etc. Other than that, no carbs, fats, or sugars. I take vitamin supplements to make up for it. I never eat after 7 pm.

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gets a lot of things right and a lot of things horribly wrong.
The fact that the transit system covers such a vast expanse of land that you can traverse for less money than it costs to take suburban transit systems (that DON'T have subways) is pretty awesome and not something to take for granted.
But sometimes it feels pointless when those buses have 15 minute delays for no reason, and as a result are so crowded you can't get on them in the first place. Same goes for subway trains even without delays. The subway is the #1 reason I always look for jobs in the opposite direction of rush hour travel and with either super early or super late starting hours. 9-to-5ers all look thoroughly miserable, all the time, and misery is contagious.
Ofc a lot of the TTC's problems we have, we can thank the conservative government of the 90s for slashing funding so now we have to play catchup with the weekend closures that everyone hates.

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how important and how big will Genesis 3 be for the 64 community? Will attendance be good?

Genesis 3 is expected to be among the top 3 tournaments in NA history for 64 entrance numbers. However, every major tournament that features 64 is important for the community. With every major tournament we get more exposure, and exposure in the smash community is essentially a feedback loop. Exposure <--> interest.

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Is it possible there are unusual explanations for your height? Like, I was reading random wikipedia articles and the page for Triple X syndrome (extra X chromosomes) had this line in it: "There are seldom any observable physical anomalies in Triple X females, other than being taller than average".

Unlikely. Everyone in my family is tall except for my maternal grandmother and paternal great-grandfather. All the men, all the women, we're all tall. Especially on the Dutch side. My grandmother and my aunt (her daughter) are both 5'10". Most of my male family members make me feel short.

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