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Not sure if I accidentally deleted. The question said something like "Kaoru works harder than every other USA top player. He doesn't have an elitist attitude like you. [insert bestiality insult here]" - pielak

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Context: I said Kaoru was a bad player or something to that extent.
I can't find a way to answer this. I have so many thoughts on this. I've retyped answers multiple times but it always makes either me or Kaoru look like a bad person.
Anyways, everytime I said anything bad about Kaoru in the past, I was in the wrong for being vocal about it.

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How are you like me? What do you do similar to me

I find similarities in myself with a lot of people. It's how I know I'm a normal person. Some things that are similar between us. We both like the same sexual fantasies. We both like talking about our achievements, though I'm not vocal about it. I've noticed you hold back information in your text the same way I do. It's sort of hard to put into words but i believe that we think the same.

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Using Huion K58. Nothing was wrong with my old tablet. I got it as a gift//test the same week as thelewa and Kaoru from Dexus. He wanted to see if our aim got better after getting it. Thelewa fced airman a few days after getting it if you want to know when I got it. Also got tablet covers as a gift from Horo for missing my train.

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httpsaskfmpielak213answers133799374423 Which model are you using now 480

how long have you been one of the best in the country?

I think I got my first tablet August 2010. My earliest scores I can remember that are still decent is Bikko Sticks [Madness] in September 2011 (1 of 10~ fcs at the time) and bakabaka Answer March 2012 (1 of 30~). So I was able to fc 97% of the insanes by March 2012. I continued to just practice it a bunch by playing multiplayer mostly. Notable people I played with and inspired me to become a better player: Rii, bedabeda, gnaddy, antsu, Kaoru, NeverDie, -Stark, lovu, Mystique-, shaNk, JesusYamato, Tom94, everyone in those random Korean multis with gods like dragonhuman and sasakure. I only noticed I was a pretty good USA player when Kyou-kun asked me to join the USAT (USA tournament) around August 2012 because not enough people wanted to play. I lucked and got to 2nd place and gained enough attention from Derekku to join OWC 2012. I was in the team 2013 and 2014 also but that's mostly because I'm good friends with Kaoru (oh god 2014 was terrible even though we got 4th place). Tp was a thing I believe from mid 2013 to late 2013 and I used that to judge how good I was when ppv1 was a thing. I think I briefly had #1 USA but was consistently #2-5 USA in it. As for ppv1, I peaked at #358 but it's generally agreed that ppv1 was bad. Ppv2 came out early 2014 and I farmed those ranks. I stopped caring about ranks around July. I peaked at around #90 global and jumped to #58 randomly after the ppv2 length buff. I played on and off and randomly after that. I was #104 global when restricted in January 2015. I continued playing on and off until my supporter ran out in March. I played little after that. Unrestricted and I'm playing on and off again. I don't know if Escherion had the list of rejects but I didn't sign up for OWC since I didn't think I would do well (I did ask the support if I could play) due to my inactivity. Oh fun fact: I was banned July 2013.
So September 2011-January 2015 depending on your definition of "best in the country".

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Most favorite and least favorite mappers?

Zapy Fort arlequin val HanzeR Aqo Fycho Sprosive nold fanzhen snownino amai chocolate Jemmmmy caren Hollow Wings Saten Silly Priti DokoLP GoldenWoof Star Stream galvenize CLSW Spectator Shinxyn mtmcl Philippines
No mention dislike. Not mentioned could be because I missed and not because dislike. I can't choose favorites since every mapper consistently also uploads maps I also dislike.

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