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Tell me about your flaws ?

I'm extremely lazy and unmotivated in anything that doesn't interest me, have quite a few bad habits, mood fluctuates very easily if something bothers or angers me, I'm way too emotionally charged sometimes altho I try to stay as composed as possible when needed, and I'm sometimes too nice for my own good and pile work on my plate that I can't chew uwu There's probs a lot more but I don't wanna write a book here lmao

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Should exes say sorry to each other after awhile?

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I think it depends on the situation/relationship between the two at the time...cause sometimes it's better to say sorry but it might be a better idea to just let everything go and move on incase saying sorry brings back bad memories and feelings from the past that your ex doesn't want to think about anymore and may have moved on from. If you feel there's a need to say sorry and it's for the other person's good I'd say it's fine to do so. However it should always be a genuine apology after one has realized what they've done wrong rather than an apology for the sake of relieving a personal guilt/burden without taking into consideration how they may feel about it.

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Advice for courage to ask someone out?

hm...first of all I'd say if you're confident you won't regret asking them out at the time, just go for it! If you are too unsure or have reasons it would be better to wait or not do it, then maybe think harder about it before deciding, but if you are sure you really like that person and don't want to lose your chance, it's best to just do it. Even if you get rejected it's not a bad thing. Rejection isn't the end of the world and there's plenty of other people out there in the world and maybe someone else is better suited for you anyways. And if you're lucky they'll accept and you'll get what you wanted so either way just follow your heart and yolo xD The possibility of being rejected can make it hard to confess but sometimes you'll regret it later on if you never got to tell them your feelings and try. In any case I wish you the best of luck!!!<3

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