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I loved you and still do with all my heart but what you did to me last night actually broke me destroyed me and made me feel that I never meant anything to you or that you even loved me as you said u did. Honestly I would never do anything like that to you.


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I love you so much I think about you every sec of every day. Are you still looking for me ? Can you ? We can't deny it, can we ?


I don't understand how to manifest. I think about what I want and write it down etc and still nothing after years..


It's time to finally let go. Today I made the decision of letting go my past, who I was, my marriage, I let you go, I will start focusing in myself, my life, my future and my happiness, this is the hardest decision i had to make but i can't keep holding on to something that end it long ago


Every morning I wake up to your ghost Yeah, I'm haunted Can't let go Though I'm trying Everytime I see the car you were driving I wave hello



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