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Sinh nhat 22 tuoi that vui nha Pink! Keo chuc Pink co the hoan thanh muc tieu tren goodreads cung nhu nhung art projects Pink da dang va se lam, tim thay that niem vui trong cuoc song va bot di nhung noi buon nha. Love you :D


you're so sweet Kẹo ơi <3 <3 xem bao nhiêu lần mấy lời chúc vẫn thích lắmm :">

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What is your favorite condiment cutieee?

ketchup yayyyy

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you RN?

If you saw someone shoplifting, what would you do?

If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?

25 ;A;

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What are the things you want to avoid in a relationship?

deadly silence and constant fighting

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What was the last movie that made you think?

Son of saul

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What do you like to do on a rainy day?

Reading a good book

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What books on your shelf are begging to be read?

A pale blue dot by carl sagan - i still have a long list of books which are half-read 😢😢

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What would you be doing right now if the internet didn't exist?

Reading, writing, drawing, collecting wilted flowers and taking photographs

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Is there a dish you always wanted to try?

Pancakeee 😭😭

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What do you think you do best?

Overthinking 😕

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Are you a city or a nature person?

A nature person, i believe

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Here is the link to them poem I told you about: Sorry, I got the name wrong. No wonder you weren't able to find it.

thank youuu

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1 more thing. Are you ok with corresponding through email? I was thinking it would be an inconvenience to keep talking like this since the messages are character-limited and your askfm would be spammed with my questions. If you're ok, my email is Email me something, I'll know.

okay, it would be so lovely to keep in touch that way. i'll definitely send you an email ( either tonight or tomorrow), have a nice day btw :)

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Glad you like her. You should check her other stuffs. She even does poems. "You" is pretty amazing. And thank you for the song. I love it. So ... now that we have decided to move on, I guess you like reading. What kind of books do you like? And what is your most favorite book?

i cannot find the poem you mentioned above on youtube...anyway, i don't often watch vlogs but i subscribed her channel already. i'm glad you enjoy the song of Kodaline, too.
i truly love reading, especially short poems; history, memoir, travel, childhood books (vietnamese only) and astronomy are my fav genres. the most favorite book so far is Cosmos by Carl Sagan - a must-read one for any astrophysics/astronomy geek. it's all because he takes me back to the love i once had with astronomy, besides Neil deGrasse Tyson. i even want to own the english edition of the book 'cause i only read it in vietnamese.

what's about you - any favorite book genre/ the most favorite book ?

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YTS here, just one last thing about GAD. I don't have GAD (although I don't think I'm in the normal department of the mental spectrum), but I hope you can find a friend in this person. She's a youtuber and also has GAD. Plus, she's cool. Watch if you're keen:

(surprisingly) i was amazed by the video and didn't skip a second of it, quite accurate to me. thank you. btw, here is a song for you. hope you'll like it as i always do, or just save it for gloomy days.

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I think this is the only time I would ever ask you about your GAD, so don't worry. Btw, It's not the condition that interests me; It is you. Hopefully, we can talk about something else in the future if the chance presents itself - Your temporary stranger

i believe you are either a curious stalker on facebook or that beloved person i recently poured my heart out to, even GAD. but i guess if it is truly necessary, you will always find a way to reveal yourself, so at least for the time being, it's better to keep you as my lovely temporary stranger, i guess.

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So if you don't mind me being curious, could you talk more about your experience? Like, how does it feel to have such an disorder? How your life is affected by it? I know these questions are rather personal. So if you don't want to answer, just say something random and I'll know.

i slowly came to realize that my health is affected by GAD, my skin is bad, i have nausea and stomach pain, terrible sleeping problems ( i’ve been having nightmares every night for over two weeks, i’m not joking. ), difficulty in swallowing/focusing, shortness of breath, chest pain sometimes and restlessness, weariness most of the time ; whenever you have a good day and out of nowhere your brain is like “sth bad is bound to happen”, you know pretty well what’s wrong and what’s right but it doesn’t matter much when your unwanted emotions drive you insane, then it all turns to action, you hurt people, you stay alone. nothing truly excites you anymore. you feel like you’re not enough for anyone, in anything, despite how much you have all the love in you. last year, i dropped out of university because of it, then i made up other reasons ‘cause even my family didn’t believe me. i lost the one i loved the most ‘cause he was sick of me having anxiety even though it took me years to have a chance to by his side, i lost it. i’ve just stopped wanting to keep anyone for myself. it’s okay not to feel okay, i still find every way to not get any worse.

plus, i don’t need anyone to feel sorry for me. i just wonder why you're so curious about such a problem, i have no idea why i told someone who i don’t even know who he/she is so many things about this but i hope you’re satisfied, i won’t talk about it anymore unless we have a face-to-face discussion or you need help, otherwise, mental illness is nothing great to be interested in, dear.

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You talked about having generalized anxiety disorder before. Did you diagnose yourself or did you actually have to go to a doctor for it? It's not that I don't believe you. I just want to know more if you are comfortable.

nothing is hard to find when you can easily get information on the internet, as long as you're patient enough or - just by chance (yes, that's my case.) it had affected me many years prior to that and yet i didn't aware of its danger 'til a year ago. Somehow, some way, i believe i still have the ability to handle its side effects.
It’s okay to ask, really ( what truly bothers me is to see people foolishly take it for themselves as if it's sth fucking cool to show off.), just don't treat me like a patient, mental illness can be a part of me but it doesn't define who i am.

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Thế em có thích ăn rau dền không?

ăn gì cơ ? em nào cơ ? cậu bé lá sen không hiểu bạn đang nói gì cả....=)))))))

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