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Tp jen turns lu off? Ngakakk Btw yg ga shave apny?

Lol nope. Gmn coba caranya love klo turned off? Ga shave jenggot! Hahaha jk. I was just messing with u man. Gw gk bkl share my preferences to strangers.

Ouch ur answer subtly dissing jen? Ga mandi & shave?

Lol i just want to see who asked this question and i got my answer.
Btw, when i love someone, i love her unconditionally.

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What are your turn offs ?

Bau, jorok ga mandi, ga shave, ga bisa take care of herself, ga mau ngerti which priorities are higher, ga open minded, ga mau adapt to current situation.

hi. i have this girl im interested in but she say is unavailable and playing hard to get. what should i do to change her mind? i waited for her once but find out she dated somebody else. should i wait or confess?

I think you should move on if you already asked her once. I think she values what you and her have right now. When you move on, make sure you get someone who appreciate you as who you are. Good luck 🙂

Knp gk jadian aje sama si rebound? Gw stuju bgt :)

Emang nya basketball? She is not a rebound and i don't need any human's permission to determine what i do. No offense.

Wwyd misalkan lo ketemu jen but now she is a man. Masih care?

Lbh curious sih. Why. Tapi bkl oke.. lbh azek bwat d ajak beer n superbowl

How r u?

Doing okay I guess... plenty of things to worry about: work, media projects, coding, certification, etc.

Cepet banget progress lu sama *na. Kasih tips dong biar gampang dapet cewe yg gue mau.

Progress apa ya? Kita cuman getting to know each other, just like any other guys getting to know other girls.
Tips: just be yourself? 🤔

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So, i want to be clear here. If you hate me, that's fine. IDGAF about what yall think about me because i know who you all are. But here is the thing, i will not hate yall for doing it and i will still be friends with you. Unless, you all want to come out from anon zone and say it in front of my face.
So about relationship with @AgnesNadineJ , we are no longer together but we still contact each other for various reasons. I still care for her. So if you all can't accept this fact, feel free to shoot anon question (i will open my anon permission again). But don't go after @AgnesNadineJ because that's just making her uncomfortable (maybe?). If you all a decent human being, come after me bro/sis cuz you all have kontol or meki kan? Lol 😂

Sering kesepian gak sama rutinitas? Misalny lagi kangen apa yg lu lakuin?

Lmayan... not a routine kind of guy but i have to.. i wish i can cuddle with someone and spend my weekend just cuddling n netflix ☺

be gentle then :p you say ok so this means i get a kiss?

Sure... where do u want to be kissed? I can arrange someone for that.

What is silver bullets? Don't understand :/

Silver bullet is a solution for all the problems. Meaning there isn't a way that you can use multiple times to solve w.e issues that come to u


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