Ask @pixelmaniaevent:

Hello, Will You publish neutral statistics about people participating to your event ? ("gender" - "role (photographer or cosplayer or other" - "origin country" and maybe "age repartition"?) Thanks in advance

We never asked for gender in the applications. One role was specifically chosen for the event, but from what we know there are many participants that outside of the event have more than 1 role. We also don't know some of the countries of participants (if they didn't fill it up), and for sure we don't know the origin country, only the one they leave now (but this knowledge is semi-public accessible via the bookme).
So even if we would want to publish it, we would require more information than we have to do this.

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I applied for the event , After the result is it possible to modify the cosplays list i announced during registration . If yes how can i do that?

This is a "probably will take" cosplay list. It's not definitive and it's only up to you, what cosplays you will take with you. But bear in mind, that if you will take the exact same cosplays next year like you had this year (if you were at the previous edition of the event) then your chances to get accepted next next year will be less likely.

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Is it okay as a cosplayer to have a bought but modified cosplay, or does it have to be entirely made by myself?

Cosplay should mean fun. We do not demote cosplayer from being cosplayer just because he/she did buy the costume. No matter from where the costume is (made, bought from the friend, bought from the shop, partially make, etc) anyone has a chance to participate.

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