Ask @pixelmaniaevent:

What happens if I get accepted and can't attend? There is no information like the legal parts of the previous FotoCon.

For the second part, if you are talking about regulations and privacy policy - they were available from the same moment we start the registration.
For the first part... There will be no legal consequences for anyone who would drop out from the event after being accepted. But, to be honest we are not eager about accepting again people who will drop out because of reasons like "sorry I don't have enough money to come" or "I changed my mind and decided to not coming". We acknowledge that sometimes shit happens, like a sudden accident or something, but we don't like attitude " I will register and after accept I will think about coming or not."

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I saw the lodging will be in the town's school. I'm just concerned about the security of photographic equipment and cosplay. Has this ever been an issue before? thank you

School is open only for participants, and organization members. We also hired professional security, to make sure we won't have any unnecessary guests from the local community.
For the last 3 years of FotoCon event, there were no reports of theft among the participants, but since we don't know all of the participants personally, we can't guaranty anything.
Additionally, we have "safe room", where participants can store their valuable stuff they don't wanna leave in a classroom. It's key closed room, where the key has only member of the organization.

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So, it just means there are 2 "FotoCon" events instead of one throughout the year now?

Basically. Yes. FotoCon move out of town, and as a previously coorganizer of FotoCon im kinda useless outside of my hometown, so i decided to do another event, that will continue to gather cosplay fans here in Wleń. I think the most noticable difference would be number of participants, PixelMania, as a smaller event will accept max 150 ppl, and last year at FotoCon has more than 300 participants and was growing each with each year.

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